Zara Wishlist

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the yeaaaarrrrrrr…

Ok, calm down, I’m not on a Christmas hype already (give me time). BUT, it’s time for Autumn/Winter shopping! I challenge you to tell me something that is better than that.

Nothing makes me happier than the thought of spending all my money on big cosy jumpers and leather things. I’m just not a summer wardrobe kinda girl. Roll on September!

Naturally the first place I have began to scour online is ZARA. It is a little pricy on some things I find, and I never see much in there that I want to buy for Spring/ Summer, but I just love it so much for AW. I found myself adding a gazillion pieces to my basket, which would be perfect to break me back into uni life in September (and to the Manchester climate), so I thought it would be silly not to share with you. Let the good stuff commence…..

zara autumn winter 2015

K x