Winter evening skincare routine for clear skin


I posted my morning skincare routine earlier this week, so it’s only natural that my evening routine is here now too. As with my morning routine, the goal is for the routine to be simple but effective. Affordable products that all have a job to do, without any extra fuss.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 

I have used this cleanser for years, like so many others, and I still absolutely love it. It’s so gentle on the skin, removes makeup effortlessly, and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. As someone with sensitive skin, this is a great cleanser for me because it is just so kind to the skin. I use this to double cleanse in the evening, once to remove all of my makeup and SPF, and the second cleanse to really clean my skin. I have dipped in and out of using a different cleanser for one of those cleanses, but ultimately always go back to just using this. It’s one of my top 3 skincare products for sure, and has truly stood the test of time in my routine.


Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

This is a recent introduction for using as a toner after I have cleansed, and I am honestly noticing such a difference to my skin texture. I feel like this really does a final clean sweep across the face and pulls out any tiny bits of dirt or makeup that might be leftover, and just tightens up all of your pores.


Skin & Me Personalised Serum

I have been using Skin&Me for just over a year now, and I couldn’t recommend it more. I’ve mentioned before that I get acne flare ups that can be incredible stubborn, and my skin&me prescription really works wonders to keep those flare ups at bay and has improved my skin tenfold since I began using it. I’d day it took about 3-4 months of using this serum to start seeing the benefits, but it has been super consistent since then. With Skin&Me you have a tailored dermatologist prescription based on your skin condition and concerns, and so it might be acne, dry skin, signs of ageing, whatever your skin goals are, they can help in a simple monthly delivery through your door. It’s genius.


Cetaphil Rich Night Cream

This is the part of my routine that I had to ramp up for the colder months to a rich layer that could soothe some life back into my dry skin un this freezing weather. I love everything from Cetaphil as it’s all so stripped back and simple, so causes zero irritation to the skin. And this moisturiser is no different. It feels really thick and nourishing on the skin without feeling heavy and clogging any pores.


The Inkey List Retinol Eye Cream

I mentioned in my morning routine about my potentially premature worries about wrinkles around my eyes. So this is my night cream of choice for my eyes, with the goal of banishing any fine lines that may appear. I’ve been using this for probably about a year or do now and have definitely noticed a difference. And as with the other Inkey List products in my morning routine- it’s so affordable!


Vaseline Advanced Healing lip balm

The final touch that can never be missed in a skincare routine! I don’t know about you, but I cannot sleep if I don’t have a fresh layer of lip balm on. I actually used one oner Christmas that dried my lips out so badly, so I’ve been applying this religiously to recover, and I’m just about back to normal now! There is nothing worse than dry lips!!


K x