Winter city break ideas

Winter City Break

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I mentioned in my Goals for the final year of my twenties post that I wanted to visit new places this year, and as much as I am dreaming of a week relaxing on a warm sandy beach doing nothing but reading and eating delicious food, I’m also really drawn in by a lot of amazing winter city break ideas. Luke and I have a trip to Amsterdam in the pipeline which I’m super excited about as neither of us have been before. But before booking that I liked looked at so many different options so I’ve pulled together a bit of a winter city break inspiration guide if any of you are also thinking about getting away to somewhere new and picturesque this winter, or even something to look forward to at the end of this year! Let me know if you’ve been to any of there places already and where you’d recommend?


1. Paris

One of my favourite cities, and arguable one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am lucky enough to have been a few times now, both in winter and summer, both of which I loved for different reasons. The stunning architecture shines so bright whatever time of year you go, and a crisp morning stroll along the Seine with a fresh coffee and pastry in tow is pretty have to beat. And of course the streets are lined with plenty of classic French bistros to keep you toasty inside during winter whilst watching the Parisian day go by outside.


2. NYC

Probably my number one favourite city in the world, it’s one I think should be on everyones bucket list without fail. I haven’t been in winter before, but a winter trip to New York is something way up there on my wish list. I imagine a festive wonderland full of bright lights endless cheer. This one would be more of a recommendation for the first half of winter at the end of the year to really make the most of the festivities, assuming that that’s your thing, but if not you could probably get quite a sweet deal to go in January- just make sure to pack your thermals! Whenever you go to New York, a highlight of your trip will be the food, so much so that I had to put a little food diary together last time I went which you can find here.


3. Prague

Prague is somewhere I haven’t been personally, but looks absolutely beautiful. It just screams winter city break, and looks to have some of the most beautiful architecture on earth. I can imagine it must be stunning to visit in winter and get all wrapped up to stroll round and soak it all in. And from what I’ve heard it’s pretty affordable too!


4. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an option to go for that’s closer to home if you’re in the UK. And it’s also one to opt for if you want to get some rich history and character packed into your trip. I went to Edinburgh a few years ago at the start of the year and I would recommend it to anyone, as long as you love walking, and are happy getting around with lots of hills and steps. A perfect winter day in Edinburgh would be a brisk walk down the Royal Mile in the morning to grab s full Scottish breakfast, followed by a hike up to Arthur’s seat to soak up the clear view over the city and the sea, it’s truly the best of both worlds with the fresh countryside feel of Arthur’s seat, combined with steep history of the city.


5. Rome

One of the richest spots to visit for history, and definitely for foodies too! I’ve only ever been in summer in the past, but I think it would be an absolutely stunning option for a winter city break. There’s plenty to do and soak in while you’re in Rome, whatever the weather.


6. Amsterdam

As I mentioned, Luke and I are visiting Amsterdam a little later this year for the first time, and I am so excited get there and start exploring. The canals and architecture in Amsterdam, mixed with the unique dutch culture means it’s a hot spot for city breaks all year round. Let me know if you have been and have any recommendations!


7. Porto

I haven’t been here personally, but have heard such wonderful things, and it seems to be a more undercover destination for a winter city break, despite seemingly being so beautiful and having such a rich Portuguese history and culture.


Do you have any winter city breaks booked? Let me know if you’ve been to any of there places already and where you’d recommend?



K x