Why its’s cool to be uncool

I was shopping at the weekend when I had sudden realisation. It’s nothing deep or particularly insightful- well I am talking to fashion lovers so it might be to you. I realised that I needed to find myself an oversized thick down puffer coat. I mean need, not in an spoilt princess way, I mean need in a, walking to catch the bus at 7:45am for work throughout the winter I’ll be freezing my socks off, kinda way. And you know, me being me, I want to embrace this amazing snuggly practicality of basically going outside in your duvet while it’s ‘in fashion’

I say ‘in fashion’ with skepticism as I was with my boyfriend at the time, when I started to try on a few AMAZING (in my opinion) down puffer coats. And lets just say he really wasn’t a fan. He declared my choices as ridiculous and hated the whole look, and to be honest is rare that we disagree to such a strong extreme where I love something that he vocally hates. It got me doubting whether I should actually get a coat like this or opt for something more ‘normal’… to which I quickly answered my own question….. errr NO.

topshop ivy park

I want to express this to as many people as I possibly can, you can never please everyone. If you spend your life trying to do that, first of all you’ll be constantly anxious and unhappy, rather than being content and happy with who you are and the things that you like. And second of all, you’ll fail. Diversity is real, people. And we all know the world would be prettttttty boring if it wasn’t, fashion probably wouldn’t even exist if that was the case. Even the people closest to you might hate some of the things you adore, whether it be fashion, animals, locations, foods, or even your opinions, and it’s really not a bad thing, so we need to stop thinking that it is.

Respect. That’s all we need. If we respect one another differences, in line with our similarities, we will all find peace with one another, and with ourselves and our passions. Basically, being ‘uncool’ is never really uncool, there’s no such thing. Unless you support Donald Trump, that’s always going to be uncool.


K x