What’s in my Bag!?

michael kors bag

Green Ted Baker Purse- not to everyones taste but I LOVE funky bright things like this!
An Obvious Bunch- hand gel is a MUST, you never know when you might end up somewhere dodgy. I’m a mint over chewing gum kinda girl. The student in me thinks a pen is vital for my bag, even though in reality, i just note things down on my phone. And then a bobble, you all understand why.
Wouldn’t be getting far without these! And that’s one of the only thinks with my name on I’ve ever found so I love it a lot! And as for the limb-less teddy bear key ring, I apologise, I know it’s weird/disturbing but I bought it from New York and it used to have four limbs and “I <3 NY” on the chest, but now this is all that remains.
Tissues is an unfortunate necessity for me due to being haunted by nosebleeds through the duration of my childhood, I’m now extremely paranoid that I will never be caught tissue-less if they were ever to strike again. Then there’s a cereal bar, if you’re like me you’ll know the pain of being on public transport, or mid-lecture when hunger strikes. And every blogger has to have a lippy handy don’t they?
My headphones don’t actually get used that much BUT I always try and have them handy for busses etc. Oh and we’ve reached my amazing furry finger-less mittens. I got these for christmas off my mum and they are just insane, They’re plain black suede, with fur cuffs around the finger, and smooth fur all inside. Amazing is all I can say.

My glasses are a recent addition as I didn’t really wear them much until I got these new frames in December, which you might have seen on my instagram. Just me trying to look sophisticated really! A concealer and lip balm are a girls hand bag essentials, and the phone obviously! My soap ad glory hand food  is also a new addition as I got it in a gift set for my birthday and I just love anything soap and glory! And this is amazing to get you through the winter months.
Just because I’m a bit of a sentimental freak, I keep this in one of the zips inside my bag. It’s the gift tag that Luke (my boyfriend) wrote on the box for my bag- which was one of my christmas presents. Isn’t he cute? Or am I for keeping this?

I love looking at people’s What’s in my Bag?  posts sooo I thought I’d do one myself for all of you to nosy at- as everyone loves a good nosy! Sorry for being a bit absent from the blogsphere lately but I’ve been very busy and I’ve got exams coming up at uni next week so I’m in full blown revision mode! I’ll be back in full swing soon though..

K x