What’s Going On


The world feels heavy right now. Well actually, the world has felt heavy for the past 2 years, but today things really took a nosedive. The news of the travesty going down in Ukraine right now has haunted my thoughts all day, and in honesty I’m pretty terrified of the landscape that lies ahead. I don’t know enough on the subject to go into too much detail- please get your news from trusted sources- but I will say it’s horrifically sad what’s happening, and really bloody scary. It feels even more tragic to acknowledge that the only reason this is such big news is because it’s in Europe, but the reality is people are losing their homes, families, and lives every day across the world and it barely scrapes it’s way into the papers until it’s in the white, western world. It is s-a-d.


I know this post might seem out of the blue for me, it’s very candid and I’m really just word-vomiting straight onto the page here. I tend to keep the negativity away from my blog and focus on the more surface level stuff, what I’m wearing, what I’m reading, what I’ve been up to… It’s not often that I will write about the goings on of the world beyond the fashion industry. But it felt superficial of my to glide past today without a nod to this. We are all feeling it; the sorrow; the worry. It’s all there. And unfortunately, it’s very real. Even if we manage to avoid those feelings for a few hours, it will pop right back up when you least expect it on whichever screen we choose to look at and remind us. Reading the news is one thing, but then flicking through Tom, Dick and Harry’s 20 slide stories recapping it again, and again, and again, is more than my anxiety ridden soul can handle if I’ m totally honest. I think I’m going to have a bit of a digital detox this weekend and stay off social media for a couple of days. I know myself too well by now to know that I will end up with my mind being somewhere I don’t want it to be if I indulge in that influx of negative news in the echo chambers.


On a slightly lighter note, I am also bloody sick of this influx of storms that keeps hitting us. Eugine, Franklin, whoever you are, you have overstayed your welcome. Thank-you and good night. Although I am a sucker for a dusting of snow like we had last Saturday- always on the look out for a silver lining!


Hope everyone is coping ok, and gets a chance to enjoy the weekend.


K x