Wednesday Wishlist: RIHver Island

Last night saw the launch of the RIH for River Island’s latest collection in London. So naturally I sat and gawped at the instagram’s from a few of the girls that were lucky enough to actually be there and meet the woman herself. It looked amazing!

Nevertheless, no point in moping when there’s this collection to gawp at too! Which is already on the way to being sold out online! I picked out an outfit which I love,  and I cant’ quite decide which piece I want the most..

The baseball shirt is also available in BRIGHT YELLOW, as is the hat, and it looks amazing but if I was going to buy it for myself I know I’d get way more wear out of it if I went for the boring black edition (though anything from Rihanna isn’t boring, let’s face it!).

What I’ve forgotten to show on here is the back of the striped mesh dress, with “G4LIFE” printed across the back, I just think it would look so good on!

Without running the risk of trying to be Rihanna (though that is my aim in life), I want to add most of this collectcion to my wardrobe, but I think seeing as it’s already selling out, a lot of other girls have the same intentions! I think there is going to be a lot of Rihanna-clones walking the streets in the upcoming weeks. Is that a bad thing?

K x