Things I’ve Loved. Lockdown, Week 6.

TV: Framing Britney Doc

I’m sure you’ve seen everyone barking on about this but it really is a shocking documentary. I was so excited to watch it as I was the biggest Britney fan girl as a kid, she was just the most perfect pop-princess to copy in fake-concerts in the playground at primary school. Anyone else? So I’ve always felt such sadness to the way things have turned out for her over the past 15 years, and this doc really explores deeper into why things happened the way they did. It really shows the true colours of the paparazzi and tabloid industry being complete inhumane pigs. There has been a real resurgence of exposing a lot of not-OK interviews and tabloid treatment of women in entertainment over social media off the back of this documentary- which is great! But definitely needs to continue as that world is still so misogynistic it’s sickening- it’s a deep rooted problem that will take a long time to eradicate so we all need to continue to shine our lights on it. This doc is on Sky/ Now TV so give it a watch- although you probably already have!

TV: Dogs Behaving Badly

An easy channel 4 weekly watch is such a light hearted show to fill an hour if you want some wholesome TV. Nothing ground breaking but I find myself unable to turn it off once it’s on the telly. I just find naughty dogs so funny! But only in knowing that Graeme, the dog training master on the show, is definitely going to be able to fix the problem. If you love dogs and want a smile give it a watch on channel 4.



Film: Sweet Home Alabama

Continuing with the theme of watching old school films that I’ve never seen before, we picked this very predictable but very enjoyable rom-com. I’m a sucker for Reese so I was happy to endure the somewhat cheesy and over-done cliche’s of a 90s-00s rom-coms for this one. Who am I even kidding? I bloody love a rom-com! Reese’s character basically returns to her home town in Alabama (obvs) from her high-flying career in NYC as a fashion designer to resolve a few life-admin type issues (to say the least- but you have to watch it to find out what!) before she ties the knot to her Uber-rich hubby-to-be back in New York. Things obviously take a turn for the unexpected (for Reese’s character, not the viewer haha). Very glam, but then very wholesome too, worth a Sunday afternoon watch for sure if you haven’t seen it and also love a good rom-com! 


Podcast: Caught off Guard

 I’m a big fan of The Break platform so don’t know how I’ve turned up so late to the party with this podcast. But it does mean that I’ve had lot’s of episodes to catch up on which is always a treat when you find a fab podcast. Patricia is a boss so hearing her interview some inspiring people was such a great listen, my fave so far has to be the Grace Beverly episode (shock horror). She has had such incredible business success at SUCH a young age that it’s just so inspiring to hear her talk about her journey in detail. V excited to keep listening through the rest of the episodes!




Food: Gyros

Veggie of course, but we’ve been making homemade gyros and they are SO delicious. The Vivera greek style plant-based kebab ‘meat’ is so delicious. It tastes just like kebab style chicken, and paired with salad Tzatziki and a flatbread, it’s a match made in heaven. I would totally recommend giving this a go if you’re looking for a new meat-free recipe to try that’s quick and easy.


Saving Grace: Valentines Day

V day is never something Luke and I usually ‘celebrate’ as such. We get each other a card and maybe go for a meal (in the olden days of course). But this year just felt like we need to grab every opportunity to celebrate with both hands. What else is there to do? So I bought Luke a present, wrote him a nice card and then we had a weekend of snazzy delicious meals, fizz, red wine and treats to celebrate the occasion. I even put a pull face of make up on and ‘jeans and a nice top’ for the special occasion. First time since Christmas!


K x