Things I’ve Loved. Lockdown, Week 4.

interior and snowy streets things I've loved in lockdown


I’m back for my week 4 re-cap of what’s been getting me through all this at-home time. There’s some really great ones this week, I hope it might give you a couple of bits to do/watch. Don’t forget to let me know what you’ve been loving too!


TV: Grand Designs

I’ve been a Grand Designs fan for YEARS, so the new series has been making me very happy. Also called me old fashioned, but in 2021, a time where all we do is binge-watch,  it’s actually nice to have a scheduled TV show to look forward to each week. Kevin’s snarky comments make me laugh so much and I always just love to watch peoples crazy ideas and wild concepts come to life in those last 10 minutes. I’m definitely a dreamer and would absolutely love to do a big renovation in the future so this show is just a perfect mixture for me of comfort TV and pure inspiration.

TV: It’s a Sin

I’m sure everyone has watched this already, and if you haven’t, please go and do it now. Olly Alexander (from Years and Years) leads and incredible cast to illustrate what it was like for the gay community in 1980s Britain. It’s so powerful and emotional you just watch in awe that this is really what life was like. The soundtrack is insane too, can’t beat some 80’s jams. Channel 4 smashed it with this one, my only criticism is that I wanted more!


takeaway pizza and outdoor walks things I've loved in lockdown


Film: Instant Family

It’s on netflix, and it’s just a real easy-watch if you’re struggling to pick a film. It stars Mark Wahlburg and Rose Byrne, following their journey to growing their family through the adoption of siblings. It’s pretty funny and actually extremely eye-opening and emotive. I don’t think I’ve watched all that much that explores adoption but I definitely think it needs shouting about more, as so many kids need homes and so many people struggle to have children traditionally.  Definitely worth a watch, I really enjoyed it!

Film: Bombshell

We watched this on Amazon prime, and I’m not sure why I didn’t remember to watch this sooner I remember this coming out a few years ago and thinking it looked amazing. It has a pretty stellar cast, starring Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman & Charlize Theron, and it explores what it’s like to work at Fox News in the US around the time of the #MeToo movement. Coincidentally, that was also around the time the Trump administration started campaigning for 2016 election. It’s actually a really fascinating watch to see how much influence Trump had over that network- I know it’s only a film but it’s clearly very highly researched if you read around it. And as far as the Sexual allegations go it’s just wild, nothing we don’t already know about now but it’s a really great film. Although the end was quite abrupt, again, I wanted more from the ending!


baths and my dark Vanessa lockdown week 4


Book: My Dark Vanessa

This book is one that has been on my Goodreads list for ages, and I finally picked it up on my food shop a couple of weeks ago and got cracking with it. It’s taking me quite a long time to read, and I still haven’t finished it as I write this, but I wanted to mention it anyway. As the name suggests, it is very dark, which is why I’m finding I can’t read too much at a time- it makes me a bit uncomfortable! It explores the life of a girl who was groomed and abused from the age of 15 by her teacher, and some parts are truly horrifying to read. Although it’s shocking and such a different read for me,  I do think it’s quite interesting, particularly from a psychological point of view to try and understand these scenarios from a different perspective. The protagonist in this book, Vanessa, even years later, doesn’t seem to acknowledge that what happened to her was abuse, which as an outsider is really hard to wrap your brain around. Anyway, I’m still cracking on with this but definitely a totally different kind of novel for me!


Food: Takeaway Pizza

We seem to have fallen back into some old bad habits with this one, but hey, it’s lockdown, I think everyone needs to just do what they need to do to bring little bits of joy into their life. We got takeaway pizza last Friday night, just a cheap and cheerful one from a local takeaway, but it hit the spot and I have no regrets.


Saving Grace

Without repeating myself and saying ‘walks’ or ‘snow’,  I can’t really think of anything new for this week, hopefully I’ll be back with something more positive next week!


K x