Things I’ve Loved. Lockdown, Week 3.

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TV: Dream Home Makeover

It’s no secret that I’m a tad interior obsessed, and you’ll know if you follow my home instagram account @madeinthe1930s that it’s a bit all consuming for me nowadays. Interiors. Are. Life. And I’m now totally obsessed with The McGee’s and McGee&Co. If you love classy interior then PLEASE watch this show, it’s such a dream! And the McGee family are just the most adorable people ever. All in a comforting 30 minute snippet.



I adore Chloe’s writing, and her blog is a place I have mindlessly returned to for years and I am definitely not about to stop now when reading a beautifully written, witty and relatable piece is something my soul is reaching out for more than ever. The title of this post says It all so I won’t waffle about it, have a click through and let Chloe do the talking. 


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Podcast: The Receipts

I’ve listened to this for years and it’s such a little escapism podcast as it really feels like you’re just having a chat with the girls. I’ve been catching up as I hadn’t listened to the last few of 2020 so it’s been such a joy. All hail Tolly, Audrey and Milenna. If you don’t know about this podcast then PLEASE give it a listen, you’ll never go back. 


Stuff: New Loungewear

Oh, to be materialistic. Sometimes retail therapy is just needed and it really does give you a boost. I had a bunch of basics in my H&M favourites that I have wanted to buy for a while and last week it all turned up on my doorstep, in a glorious mid-week pick-me-up. I am very excited to have a good spring clean and organise of my wardrobe so getting some fresh basics will really encourage some ruthlessness. I hope. Also working at home in my comfies every day is not always the one for productivity, so getting a few comfy but style-able pieces in the wardrobe is pretty key for my lifestyle at the moment, and definitely helps with my self-esteem if I’m honest when pottering around all day.



park walks and new loungewear H&M retail therapy


Food: Proper Fish & Chips

It was our first take-away of the year and a very impulse decision but my word was it worth it. Our local chippy is 10/10and for that, and for that, I am very thankful.


Saving Grace: Smoothies

Luke and I bought a smoothie maker in the new year (new year, new me LOL) in a bid to put some more goodness into our bodies, particularly after the festive binge of cheese, chocolate and wine everyday (I miss it). I’ve been trying to have one every day, or every other day at least to get a couple of my 5-a-day in at once, as that’s always something I’ve struggled with in the most part. Having that little glass everyday of ultimate freshness has really perked me up and I feel so much better on the days I make a smoothie! The smoothie maker we got was only £20 too and I’m really impressed. Does the job!


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What have you been loving this week?


K x