Things I’ve Loved. Lockdown, Week 2


Book: After I Do- Taylor Jenkins Reid

You might know from my book reviews from last year that I, along with a million other people, fell in love with Taylor Jenkins Reid after delving into Daisy Jones & The Six. So now I’m working my way through the rest of her back catalogue, the latest of which is After I Do. Each book I’ve started of hers I’ve worried that it wouldn’t be AS good. But so far I’ve not been disappointed. This is another book that has gripped me from the start. It follows the trial-separation of a 30-year old couple who have been together since college, and explores the journey of how they got there and the depths of their relationships. It really pulled on my heart strings and has definitely pushed me to order another TJR to read soon.


Film:  Jerry McGuire

Another classic that I’d never seen and stumbled across on Now TV. Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger are just magnetising throughout. I’m sure everyone else in the world has seen this already, and 20 years ago at that, so I won’t delve into a waffle description, but I absolutely loved it! Such an easy and nostalgic watch to a simpler time! Cheesy but oh so true.


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TV: The Serpant, BBC

Ok so I’m sure you’ve heard someone mention this one to you already. It’s a BBC drama based on the true story of a serial killer in the 70’s who targeted backpackers in and around Thailand. It stars Jenna Coleman who is fantastic in it, and the STYLE oh my God, is phenomenal. Anything set in the 70’s is hypnotising for me and this definitely hit the mark. It is awful to see what these people got away with for so long, but a fantastically gripping series throughout.


TV: Night Stalker, Netflix

Have you spotted the trend yet? I love a serial killer show, which is odd because I’m the biggest wuss and cannot watch horror films to save my life. But if it’s based on a true story, I’m there. This is one that I didn’t really expect much of as I’d never heard of Richard Rimerez before. The documentary follows the horrendous collection of crimes and murders in California in the 80’s from Rimerez, why was dubbed ‘The Night Stalker’ by the media at the time. I’m actually shocked I’d never heard of him but it was horrific to hear the detail of what he did, but a powerfully gripping documentary.


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Podcast: At Home With- Lily and Anna.

The girls were back with their first episode of 2021, and honestly, it just felt like a little audio-hug. I love listening to this podcast every week and just find it so calming. Whether it’s house talk, family talk, tv talk, fashion/ beauty talk or just some good old throwback conversations, it’s just such an easy and enjoyable listen with two such genuinely lovely girls.

Saving Grace: One sunny day.

There was only one, but my word was it beautiful to see. There’s nothing better in my eyes than a crisp, sunny, winter’s day. I could only get outside for half an hour on my lunch break, but even so, it was the most beautiful brisk walk and did wonders for my mindset to just focus on nothing but the gratitude for such a wonderful day.


K x