Things I’ve Loved. Lockdown, Week 1.

lockdown countryside walks


The first week of January brings with it 3 things this year, 1) the start of a new year, 2) my birthday, 3) the start of a new national lockdown… Yaayyy. Not. Luke and I celebrated the new year, and then my birthday in the only way possible really, at home, lots of food, plenty of wine, a few films and a couple of crisp winter walks in our local area. And it was actually pretty great. No pressure to have the best day, as everyone just assumes a lockdown birthday will be shit, so it surpassed all of my expectations and we had a really lovely chilled time.

I wrote in my last post how I want to bring my blog content more in line with who I am now as a 27 year old woman, compared to the 19 year old version of me who  started posting outfit pics in 2013. So to kick off the new era, I wanted to start a couple of new series’, and this is the first of those; a weekly round up of everything I’ve loved and that has got me through the previous week in lockdown. I think now more than ever we all need some small pick-me-ups to help make each day a little more enjoyable, or even just some good old escapism, so I just want to share with you everything that is helping me do just that.


lockdown winter country walks


Almost Famous

The Kate Hudson cult classic that I’ve NEVER watched. It’s been on my to-watch list for so long and over the past few weeks I’ve finally started working my way through all the classics that I’ve never watched. What else is there to do? I bloody love a pre-technology 90s/00s film, they are just all so cosy and reassuring to watch. Almost Famous was great, and gave me vibes of Daisy Jones & The Six- which was one of my favourite books I read last year- so it was 5 stars from me. And probably everyone else that has already watched it 15-20 years ago. Oh well, better late than never.

& The Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy

It’s quite a feat that I’ve managed to be in a relationship with the biggest Batman fan ever for almost 9 years and get away with not watching these films until now. I was never interested as I’m just not a superhero/ action movie kinda gal- except for Spider-man, we love Spider-man. But yet again, what else is there to do in lockdown? So as I write this, I’ve watched the first two and have the big finale ahead of me this evening, and I have to say, they really are very good films. I get it now.

TV Series

Bridgerton (along with EVERYONE else)

Again, I’m not really big into periods dramas like I know a lot of people are. I love the Crown but other than that I’ve never really hit it off with one. But when someone told me this was the Gossip Girl of it’s time, I had to see what the fuss was about as Gossip Girl was my JAM. At first I wasn’t sure, I thought it was a bit fancy-schmancy for me but then the drama started popping and I was hooked. I’ve not actually finished the whole show yet but I’m VERY into it. For a variety of reasons which I’m sure you don’t need me to explain if you’ve seen it yourself…

dolly Alderton ghosts & caterpillar cake


Ghosts- Dolly Alderton

The IT girl of millennial writing strikes again. I absolutely loved Everything I Know About Love, so I knew I had to get my teeth into this. I was so on it with reading in the first half of 2020, flying through books quicker than I ever have done before. But something switched half way through the year, as I mentioned in detail a bit more In my last post, and I just really slammed the brakes on. I struggled to read even a few pages here and there and so I knew I needed a good one to kick off my 2021 reading habits! And this was the one! I love Dolly’s writing, it’s so eloquent and feels sophisticated whilst also being just so easy to read and funny. Even though the character is quite far removed from myself literally, I found lots of ways in which I could relate to her so much. I often go for books with a young female protagonist which I kind of want to try and break out of this year and explore some more different reads, but I’m very happy I stuck to my ways and read this first. It is quite deep and emotional in parts, but still maintains it’s humour and light-hearted spirit throughout, making it so easily digestible, so if that sounds like a bit of you, give it a whirl.


Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Screw lockdown banana breads, crumble is where it’s AT. The simple and traditional. I used to make an apple crumble ever year for over Christmas so I bought everything to do just that again this year but we had so much junk food in the house (standard Christmas) that we just couldn’t bear it until this week, when it came as a delightful whole heart-warming treat, like a great big bear hug of the soul. Nothing beats a good Apple crumble and custard on a cold day. I might have to make another.

& Our new local fruit and veg stall. A nearby farm has a super cute roadside fruit and veg stall with an honesty box and it’s honestly one of my new favourite things! Obviously the packaging situation in supermarkets is not the one, so it’s a huge step forward us being able to buy plastic-free. And the quality and taste of the veg is so much better! Not to mention the size… Exhibit A:

shop local and lockdown birthday walks



Estee Lalone: Then v Now with Zoe Sugg

I love Estee, and I love Zoe, so when this popped up on my phone I was so excited to listen. I think because I’ve watched Zoe’s vlogs for so long now I just find listening to her really comforting, so she could really be chatting any old gobbeldy goop and I’d still listen. But it really was a great conversation between them to listen in on about personal and professional development, especially online.

Blog Post

Megan Ellaby ‘Feeling Grateful, What Got Me Through Last Year’.

I have always loved Megan’s writing but this post came at just the right time for me when I really need someone to steer me back in the right direction of feeling positive and grateful. Taking some time to list down the glorious gifts in your life that keep you plodding forward is really something worth doing and gave me such a boost after reading Megan’s. Realising that last year, although has an Almighty shite rep, wasn’t all bad. 

Saving Grace


Having our first wintery dusting in our new house was so magical and gave me a new perspective on where we live now and really allowed me to take it in and appreciate it in a new and fresh way. It really makes having to stay indoors that much more cosy and enjoyable because I am not prepared to actually go outside in it. But it is truly beautiful. From my window. 


K x