Things I’ve Loved. Lockdown, Week 5.


TV: Tiger woods Doc

Can’t say I knew a single thing about golf, or Tiger Woods career before watching this. All I knew was that he cheated on his wife with a LOT of women back in the 00’s, so I can’t say I had much of a great opinion of him. But I am a sucker for a documentary, and especially when they are a deep dive into the career and life of an iconic or super successful human. Watching the doc I realised Tiger was a real prodigy, the Michael Jordon of golf, and I must admit the first part of the doc was much more exciting- seeing him learn his craft (from the age of 2!) and become the first person of colour to take the golf world by storm. The second half was more stressful and disturbing to watch, i.e. the downfall. 


TV: Sex And the City

Obviously nothing new here, but after the new comeback (sans Samatha- definitely not the same) I’ve just had a craving to watch it all again, I’ve only watched it through once when I was at uni, and I don’t actually think I finished it.. so it just had to be done. As problematic as it is in so many ways, it’s also such a refreshing watch, even in 2021, to see women talk how women actually talk to each other in real life. And for women to be openly sexual and proud too, because how often do you see that compared to a proudly sexual man? Exactly. 




Film: Birds of Prey

Luke’s choice as he loves superhero films, me not so much. But I actually really enjoyed it. It was cool to see the film led by bad-ass women who kicked mens’ ass and needed saving in no way whatsoever. As you’ll know from last weeks post if it’s got Margot Robbie in, I’ll probably watch it, what a babe!


Film: Prom

Much cheesier, and a struggle for the first half an hour. The cheesy over-americanised gay character of James Corden was hard to get used to but I stuck with it for the sake of Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman, and a worthwhile storyline. It follows basically a movement to change the stance of a High School in the deep south of America who don’t allow same sex couples at prom. It’s a really positive message and a funny film despite some difficult views that are portrayed, Although that’s the way of the world in so many places so it’s important to see that and understand we all still have work to do! And easy feel-good weekend watch if you don’t mind a random sing-song.



Food: Veggie Toad In The Hole

I really love cooking and find it such a relaxing part of my day, so I cannot fathom how I have never made a toad in the hole before ? (!) Anyway, it happened last week, veggie, of course, and my word was it delicious. An A-class comfort meal for the depths of winter, in lockdown especially! 10/10 would recommend. We usually always buy the Richmond meat-free sausages which are the best veggie sausages out there (pretty confident we have tried them ALL), but I used the Aldi plant based ones for this and was pleasantly surprised, they were really nice! None of that cardboard like dryness of a lot of veggie sausages.


Food: Freshly Baked Chunky Cookies

Another food-focus, because really what else is there to focus on? I did cheat, hence why I didn’t quite use the phrase ‘homemade’… I bought a packet mix from Tesco, so just had to add butter and water and bobs your uncle. They were super easy and v.v.delicious. Best 89p I’ve spent in a while.


Food: Nachos and Homemade Guac

I’ll just let the photo speak for me on this one. Amazing.




Saving Grace: Flowers

Every time I have fresh flowers I wonder why I’ve gone so long without having them around. And this has been no different. Luke kindly bought me some flowers last week and it’s given me such a boost. They just look so lovely, smell great and just breath some life into our house from a world outside that feels so miserable and cold. Total mood booster.



K x