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How many times have you heard my title thrown into conversations by your older relatives over the years? I know I’d be a very wealthy woman if I had £1 for every time I’ve heard it. But begrudgingly, I agree. The world has changed SO much in my lifetime, the way that people become famous is not through pure talent, as used to be the case. I think we have some banging music talent out there nowadays, especially in the UK, and I’m so, so proud to be British for that reason. The likes of Adele, Stormzy, Ed Sheeran etc. are pure forces to be reckoned with. But are they as good as the talent of the 80’s and beyond?

camel coat

longline camel coat

I’ve been listening to so many curated playlists on Apple Music so far this year, as it’s just so much easier than thinking for myself or listening to ‘Freaky Friday’ on repeat (please tell me that it isn’t just me obsessed with that song at the mo). Anyway, as I was saying, curated playlists… if you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend checking out ‘Easy Hits’. It’s brought songs back into my life again that I haven’t heard in years. Songs that existed way before I was born but were prominent in my childhood. It’s inspired me to make a playlist full of all my ultimate favourite throwback songs, from the classics everyone would have in there like a bit of John Lennon Imagine, George Michael, and obviously Oasis, to songs I completely forgotten about like The Corrs Runaway (tune), and Gabrielle Out of Reach (The original Bridget Jones throwback). I’m listening to them all so much now and it’s taking me back to a pre-internet era which is just baffling to even think about in 2018.

asos camel coat

asos camel coat

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What would be in your ultimate tunes playlist from the past? I’d love to hear the songs that take other people back and simply never get old. There’s not many songs from the last ten years that meet the same calibre, in my opinion, but who knows, maybe it just takes a length of time to pass to make a song’s legacy clear.

P.S. Happy Easter! 🐰🐣

K x