The Trials and Tribulations of House Hunting

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Now, if you’re here reading this post looking for an answer on how to successfully find the perfect house, then I’m afraid you are in the wrong place. My head is so overrun with house related thoughts at the moment. You’ll know if you read my last life update that Luke and I have been house hunting for our first bought-home together, and wow, has it already been a whirlwind of emotions since I wrote that last update. We are a few months on now, and in that time we thought we had found ‘the one’.  All boxes were ticked, location, garden, quiet street, spacious, refurbished, perfect. We got our finances in order and put our first offer in, like giddy school kids. Unfortunately a few days later we got outbid and the house ended up selling beyond our budget. It was pretty gutting for us both at the time, as we could both really see ourselves living there and had started to get pretty excited about the prospect of moving and having this perfect house of our own. But it simply wasn’t meant to be. 

3 months later and damn has the housing market been dry. I am constantly refreshing that Rigtmove app and it really is slim pickings. With Brexit and all the uncertainty that that leaves us with at the moment in the UK, it seems that people just aren’t selling right now. And those gems that are are getting snapped up on day one by anxious buyers fretting the post Brexit interest rates. For us it feels like there is no end in sight, and If we do find another house, what’s to say someone else with more money won’t be there to pull the rug from under us? 

Then this weekend came around and another house came available that ticked all the boxes for us… hoo-rah! So I booked a viewing first thing Monday morning and was super excited. Until lunchtime rolled around and the viewing got cancelled as it had been sold straight away that morning. Such a frustrating feeling, but what can you do hey. Back to the drawing board (or empty Rightmove feed) we go.

I won’t lie, I’m moving into autumn a little bit disappointed that we still haven’t found somewhere. Last Christmas I told myself that 2019 I would be in my own home, and now time is a-ticking and I’ve left myself no other option than to feel naturally disappointed. It’s pretty unlikely that that will happen now until next year, and that’s totally fine. I know that these things shouldn’t be rushed as it’s such a ma-hoo-sive leap. I also very much appreciate that we are very fortunate to be in a position where we are able to consider buying, as I know it’s a real struggle, so in no way do I want this to be a ‘woe is me’ post. I just needed a bit of a place to vent, and that’s what my blog often is. And I also wanted to document the reality of house hunting, and hopefully I can show the silver lining at the end..

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I’m aiming to keep a full record of my house hunting journey over here, because it really is so overwhelming, and something we learnt nothing about at school. I could definitely have done with a lot more information on all the stuff you need to know when looking at buying a house, I’ve learnt so much in the process already, and we haven’t even found one! So I’m sure there is a hell of a lot more coming my way which I am happy to share over here. 

Also, if any of you have read and good house hunting bloggers then give me a shout!


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