The Influencer Effect: Has the Internet stopped us truly being ourselves?

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Hello you lovely lot, how are you getting on? I feel like my posts have been a little few and far between lately, after getting into a really good stride of posting for the start of 2020, I’ve definitely lagged a bit the past couple of weeks. First of all, all of these bloody storms definitely haven’t helped my weekend opportunities to take photos! Serious #bloggerproblems there, I know. There are much bigger problems caused by all of these storms, and the frequency of them is pretty terrifying to be honest. Anyway, enough weather chat and on to moaning about work, which has been super flat out recently, and still is. Which if I’m honest, is why I’m really struggling to find the time for my little old blog and giving it the time I so desperately want to give it. I’m sure anyone reading who also juggles blogging with a full time career will understand, it’s really mentally draining at times! Sometimes I need to just come home and stare at the TV for an hour and then go to bed without getting my laptop out for a blogging session, as much as I love it. It just feels like there isn’t enough hours in the day sometimes… But alas! Here I am writing to you from my bed on Sunday morning, and actually super happy about it, I really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Today’s post wasn’t actually intended to be a catch up, I wanted to pen a few thoughts and feelings I’ve been pondering over lately about the Influencer effect, and who we all really are in today’s world as a result of it, and if it’s all actually real. Really, real…


the influencer effectthe influencer effectgirl wears long green puffer coat


Be you!

Be Yourself!

Ignore everyone else!

Focus on your own path!

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10!


Those are all phrases we have undoubtedly  heard/ read everywhere online right? As true as they are, when I see them now I often have an automatic eye roll because it feels so ironic hearing those things sometimes online. But hell, I even skirted around something similar in my last post. In a world where we are over-exposed to so many other peoples ‘lives’, interests, and views, can we ever truly be ourselves? Without any outside interference coming from somewhere? 


That’s is actually a question I ponder over a lot. And there’s quite a few angles to the root of my worry about truly being ourself.. 


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1. Is our social media self real?

It’s no secret that instagram is a highlight reel. We share the best version of ourselves, promoting the ‘ideal’ of what we want to be. Our best angles, flawless make-up, styled up outfits and the most fun days. Too scared to show vulnerability and keeping our low points to ourselves on the DL. Not many people share who they really are behind closed doors, the quirks, the geeky habits, even just the sound of your own voice? Which is fair enough, right? especially for a naturally private person like myself, as I am quite reserved when I meet people in real life too, so why would I lay myself bare online? But still, it feels strange if I don’t share downsides of my life as well as the fun things.


2.  Exposure to others.

The hundreds, maybe even thousands of people we follow online, and the hours of screen time a day we spend scrolling across their daily lives and activities SURELY has an impact on what our brain decides we like and think. Whether we find these people  inspiring, motivational, entertaining, relatable or whatever it is that makes you follow people online. It’s the influencer effect. We are all consuming content that has been generated for that very end purpose, to be liked by you. So is it real? And how different would our thoughts, likes and opinions be without it? I read an article a while ago about millennials not actually having their own taste, and just liking what seems to be popular online. Going on to explain If they were put on a desert island for 6 months, by the end of it they wouldn’t actually know what they like anymore because they haven’t been exposed to any content. Which seems wild, but then when you think about the trends we follow, with style, pastel chevron bathroom tiles, chunky trainers, reflective highlighter on our cheekbones, they are all ‘instagram aesthetics’, and it’s interesting to think what we would all be doing if we had to think up our own likes and dislikes from scratch.


3.  Inspiration or Imitation?

Taking that a bit further, where do we draw the line with inspiration, and when are we just trying to be like someone else. I have written an entire post dedicated to this a while back which you can read here. But it’s a fine, but oh so important line. How do we consciously draw that line between being inspired by someone, and taking the same steps into a direction of life that they took, hoping to end up in the same place as them. Inspiration is key to grow as people, but we should never loose the core essence of ourselves that makes us our own individual person. You never know, you could be inspiring someone else by keeping a strong hold on that very essence and not being swayed by what others are doing.


the influencer effect girl wears oversized sunglasses and green puffer jacketgirl wears oversized sunglasses and green puffer jacket

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the influencer effect

Gee’s I can waffle when I’m trying to get my point across, but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say and. Do you ever worry about being influenced too much by what you are exposed to online? I think digital detox’s are a really healthy way to keep a perspective on it all now and again throughout the year, to take a step back from the online world and relish the things that you genuinely love to do in real life, and remember that there are other sources of inspiration and motivation out there other than people’s online #girlboss lives. Books, films, walking, sports, family, art, they are all valid sources or motivation and inspiration we should be relishing in, and pulling our screen time reports down in doing it.


K x