The Holiday State of Mind

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One or two weeks per year if we are lucky, we get to escape the often mundane reality of the nine to five, and swap our hometown routines for some exotic new location. Blue skies, breathtaking views, and the warm sensation of sun on your back. Out of  office comes on, stress levels go down, and your mind and body can finally unwind. Teetering on the fence between of boredom and relaxation. Flickers in your memory of  your 9-5 life at home feel distant. That is the holiday state of mind.

Sounds wonderful right? Pressing the reset button and living a different life somewhere new for a week is a vital part of my mental health and keeping my sanity in check. Not to mention for me to stay innately happy and grateful. Without a fresh head and a break from normal life, life doesn’t feel how it should. Life is so precious, and we need time away somewhere calm without stress and a schedule to appreciate what we have and the beautiful world around us.

As we entered into 2019 I wasn’t planning on going on holiday this year, as you know if you read my last life update post, Luke and I are looking to buy our first home *hopefully* this year, and God knows that is going to suck all the funds out of my accounts. So with that at the forefront of my mind, spending such a chunk of money on going away didn’t seem the most sensible decision. But the opportunity arose to go away with two of my best friends who I don’t see anywhere near as much as I wish I could, so I pushed the house worries a bit further back into my mind and just booked it. And boy was I thankful for that decision come June 24th 2019. I appreciate holidays are a luxury that not everyone is able to afford, but for those that can, or even almost can, I firmly believe getting away should be top of the priority list. Or at least high up there.

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For now I’m back in my routine,  dreaming of the next time I will get the holiday state of mind.

K x