The Foundations of a Staple Wardrobe

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Topshop Boucle Coat Brown

I know you’ve seen this coat umpteen times already on this blog this year, and that’s because I have proudly worn this beauty to death since she came into my life at Christmas. She has firmly solidified her place in my staple wardrobe, and the thought of a hot summer where I can’t wear her everyday actually makes me feel a bit sad. Only a bit, because I’m totally here fir a glorious summer of blue skies and bare-leg weather. But I can’t pretend I won’t miss my coats. Especially this one.

My love for this coat got me thinking what other pieces I find myself reaching for time and time again and it was as simple as this very outfit. On a trip to London at the start of this year I bee-lined straight to Weekday to find a pair of jeans that I could LOVE. Finding a good pair of jeans is always a hunt that I’ve always really struggled with, as we all seem too,  and after hearing rave reviews of Weekday denim I had to give them a try. And boy, oh boy, they did not disappoint. 

I went for the Seattle jeans, in the light blue wash, and as with my coat, I’ve worn them to death since I bought them. They are such great quality jeans and for me, the fit is just right and they really mould to your shape after a few wears. Definitely a staple in my wardrobe now and a pair of jeans I can throw on with any almost any outfit combo.

Staple Wardrobe Clothing

A failsafe piece to be teamed with these Seattle jeans for the ultimate staple look is a good plain cotton t-shirt. I am still on the hunt for the perfect white tee (why are the simplest of items always the hardest to get right?). But I have a couple to tide me over until the perfect one enters my life. This one in-particular is part of the classic ASOS multipack, which is such good value for money.

Trainers are never too far from my feet, and other than my trusty black converse, these nike internationalists also firmly have their foot in the door of my staple wardrobe (see what I did there?). They are easily my most comfortable trainers, and I love the retro, but not too out there, vibe of the internationalist. They are a shoe that doesn’t really lose it’s touch, and I could definitely add another colour into my wardrobe, and hopefully will do soon.

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Topshop Boucle Coat

Adexe Chainmail strap Watch Topshop Boucle Coat

What are the foundations to your staple wardrobe?


K x