The Art of Keeping it Simple

simple stylingzara mom jeanssimple stylingzara mom jeanssimple styling

I’ve been sat on these shots for a couple of weeks, feeling pretty stumped as to what to write in this post. With no revolutionary think pieces or gripping article topics coming at me from these shots. I know the shots and the text don’t always need to match up, but all that kept running through my head was a post about keeping it simple when it comes to styling. They say less is more, whoever ‘they’ might be. 

These outfit shots are super simple. Jeans, jumper and a pair of white trainers. But this is unapologetically my style like 80% of the time, and is also the type of thing I wear to work most days this time of year. So, as I’m fully embracing the simplistic side to styling, why not dedicate a post to it and how I’m giving it a bit of a refresh for AW19? Minimal dressing, in my eyes, can often be the chicest way to dress, and I am so here for that, so here goes.

simple styling

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zara knitwearzara mom jeanssimple styling

You might have seen it on my instagram already, but I picked up this beautiful sage green knit from Zara last month. Might I add that this was at a point in the month where I shouldn’t really have been spending money anything other than necessities, however as soon as I cast my eyes on this beauty, it became a necessity for my autumn wardrobe. It’s so me and I just couldn’t walk away from it. Green always seems to be my go to colour year in, year out, especially over the autumn/ winter season. I think it’s a bit of a thing for us gingers, that we just tend to suit green in most capacities. This sage tone in particular is divine, although in the shots it looks slightly greyer than it appears IRL. Also let’s just take a quick moment for the ever-so-slightly bellowed sleeves and subtle funnel neck. Swoon. Knitwear is my favourite thing about autumn/ winter (along with jackets and coats) and I am thrilled with this being my first jumper purchase of AW19. 

Onto the jeans. I promise I’ll keep this bit short and sweet as I’ve mentioned these before as I’ve had a few pairs now over the years (seen here), BUT I have to give a mention to these again. The ZARA Authentic Mom Jeans are FAB. I love a mom jean but don’t like them too baggy, you know? These are a Hppy medium for me, sturdy denim, great fir at the waist and bum, and gives a bit of room in the leg for that classic mom fit, without being too retro looking. This dark indigo wash drew me in like a moth to a flame as well as I have nothing like these in my collection already. And they’re under £30, and part of the “life’ range at Zara using their ethically sourced cotton. I know Zara isn’t great for the environment but it’s great to see them moving in the right direction. That’s the two dreamy new and affordable pieces that are helping me maintain my simple styling this autumn.


K x