Team Vans


Helloooo, so it’s OOTD time again, (kinda) as I didn’t actually wear this outfit out anywhere. I just put it together and felt cool when I put it on, and would definitely wear it if i had some kind of American hip-hop video to be in, but as of yet, I don’t. 

I bought these trousers/trackies from Primark about a month or so ago and they are SO comfortable and versatile too! They can be sporty or smart- it’s crazy. But they’re confusing to me as I can’t quite categorise them solely into being just one type of bottoms. They have an elasticated waist (score) with drawstring tie at the front, but then, they’re tapered trousers and are made from a lightweight, firm trouser material. Mind Boggling.

But anyway for the purpose of this outfit I went down the sporty route, as I had just got home from the gym and was thinking about how cool some people look in their sports and gym gear- and realised that I am definitely not one of those people. 

I matched the trousers with two racer-backed crop tops, a neon yellow one underneath (which I made using of a VERY old dress I had from Republic and a pair of scissors) and a khaki green one from Topshop. Carrying on the neon summer fun theme I had going on, I threw on my old turquoise vans, which were fresh from the washing machine (where they have spent most of their life) and so were actually clean for once. I also added in my gold chain from H&M and plaited my hair into a chunky/messy braid to finish off that sporty look.