sunday musings | The ugly comparison


Recently I’ve found myself constantly comparing myself to others, to people I admire, and feeling like a failure because I haven’t achieved the things they have. As someone who gets stressed and down in the dumps fairly easily- annoying as it may be- this obviously isn’t an ideal thing to be happening. I saw a good old instagram quote a while back that read “don’t compare your chapter one to someone else chapter 20”, and that’s something I’m trying to constantly inspire myself with lately.

Comparison is an ugly thing, as we always tend focus on the positive and attractive things in others, yet we focus on the bad points within ourselves. That person you’re comparing yourself to, they’re comparing themselves to someone else, and the chain goes on, and on, and on. Just remember, everyone is striving to be something bigger than they already are, and there is always going to be someone ‘better’ at a particular thing than you are. But that’s life honey, and it’s what motivates us right?

I’m sat here trawling through blogs and YouTube channels of the likes of Beauty Crush, In The Frow, and Zoella, and with all this watching/reading, I just can’t stop myself COMPARING. It’s like an actual disease. I know what you’re thinking… *cough * crazy jealous b*tch *cough* but I’m honestly not, and never have been a jealous person, I promise. I think the main thing about it is that I can see how happy they all are doing what they’re doing for a living. Working for yourself, doing something you absolutely love and are passionate about. That’s been my dream since I was literally about 7 years old when I used to ‘design my own collections’ (my designs were obviously horrendous, but back then in 2001 I totally thought I was going to be the next Coco Chanel).

All this super-vlogger/blogger business is genuinely making my imagination run wild with the possibility of me ever being able to do this full time. Is this dream emerging with anyone else? As I mentioned, I get ‘down’ more easily that I would like, and it’s almost always due to reasons due to work. I hate HAVING to go to work for a certain time and being told what to do by people. That’s part of the reason why I loved university, and can’t wait to go back in September. I know that I’m going to get the work done, but I can do it on my own watch and set my own standards. That’s what I want form my career too. Life’s way to short to do what other people tell you, so I’m using this whole comparison business as some kind of twisted inspiration, driving me forward. Let’s do this.

If you take one thing away from reading this post, I hope it’s that you start to focus on the good points within yourself, rather than the bad, and to stop focusing on other people. That’s the only way you will ever truly develop as your own person. It’s something I’m still working on, and it’s hard, but I know it’ll relieve so much pressure, and we will build a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and we will always be happy. Okay maybe not, but you get my drift.

K x