Why Stripes Are My Go-To Key Trend Every Season

Why Stripes are my go to trend every seasonWhy Stripes are my go to trend every season

It’s no revolution to anyone that stripes are all over the shop(s) again this season. They always are. And rightly so. Personally my style is evolving more and more to simplicity. A basic tee and solid pair of jeans, as you might have seen in my recent post about the staples of my wardrobe. However one easy-peasy thing I jump to every week, without fail, to liven up my staples is stripes. 

Whether it be a pair of striped trousers, which anyone who follows my instagram will know I love deeply, or a good old fashioned fail-safe stripes t-shirt, it always succeeds to liven up a look. It’s a simple but effective way of dressing that the French have been bossing since the 1800’s, and it’s no coincidence that Parisian style is the bomb. Stripes are a classic trend that never goes out of style, and without a doubt I add more and more to my wardrobe each season.

You see, a good striped t-shirt is an investment in the same way that a good quality white t-shirt or a cracking pair of jeans. It’s an essential to any capsule wardrobe and I know I’d be lost without having that option to throw on when I’ve got NOTHING to wear.

Why Stripes are my go to trend every seasonRay Ban Round MetalsKhaki Casual Trousers
Shop my Top Pick of Stripy T-shirts:

Topshop Boxy T-shirt Pull & Bear Utility Trousers
Khaki Casual Utility Trousers Pants

This year this boxy Topshop t-shirt became part of my clan and I feel like I need it in every colour. It’s cut in the coolest box shape that’s perfect for my casual style. I think these utility trousers are also very much worth a shoutout as this their blog debut and I think they’re ace. What’s your go-too trend to add a bit of somethin’-somethin’ to a staple outfit?

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