Stay In Your Own Lane

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I want to start today’s post by saying that this almost wasn’t a post. I almost didn’t post these photos, basically because I thought I didn’t look good enough. I didn’t think my outfit looked cool enough to share online. I thought my hair was gross and made me look lazy. I thought the backdrop and weather was all a bit drab. And I basically thought that nobody would like it.

But then I realised, that if I didn’t post these shots, I would essentially be conforming to everything that I think is wrong about the blogging world in 2019. The authenticity of the blogger-sphere is what I fell head over heals in love with back in 2013. Way back when, there was no ‘do’s and don’ts’ to blogging. No checklist to meet to get the perfect blog post. You didn’t need a cute coffee shop to shoot in-front of, and it did not need to be as bright as a summer’s day, every day, in order for you to get some blog pictures. Now, it seems that there are rules and expectations. Standards that we need to hit for blog posts to qualify as worthy content online.

The falseness of the industry conforming to these rules is what I don’t get along with. It makes me really uneasy when I see people shooting 10 looks in a day like it’s a magazine shoot (And don’t get me started on instagram hot-spots). It’s morphing blogging into just an online version of magazines, and that is not what blogging is. It’s a different medium altogether. A separate entity. Blogging blossomed from unique creators generating honest and relatable content. And that’s how it should remain if it is going to keep its magic.

topshop puffer jacket ribbed roll neck

topshop puffer jacket ribbed roll neck

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Stay in your own lane

This was the outfit I was wearing in real life, this was how my face looked and this was the state of my very non-perfect and slightly rained on hair. This blog is supposed to represent my own personal space on the internet, both visually, and through my own words. I shouldn’t be showing only a Uber-curated and stylised version of myself. I should just be sharing myself as I am. And it scared me to think, even just for a little while, that my look wasn’t good enough because it was no where near in line with what everyone else does. It didn’t tick any of the standard blogger shoot boxes, which I have probably subconsciously been complying with on the most part.

Until now, I’ve never almost binned off a whole post because it doesn’t ‘fit-in’. And I’m almost glad it came to this, and I’m glad that I posted this anyway. It’s given me a bit of an uplift and reminded me, at a time were I quite clearly needed it, to stay in my own lane. What other people are doing is not what I need to be doing. My content should be personal and organic to my real life, because this is not a magazine, it is my blog, and that is what blogs are for.

Stay in your own lane guys. K x