SS22 Trends I’m here for

sustainable spring summer trends


Just for context, as I write this post I’m listening to the wind and rain absolutely batter my house outside, I’ve lost trace of which storm this is; Eunice?; Franklin? I don’t know, it’s been a non-stop week of horrific weather. So to sit here and dream about the warmer days that I can wander around in a linen shirt and feel the sunshine on my skin is delightful, even if it is only a dream for now. So I thought I’d look ahead to brighter days, and go through the SS22 trends that I’m into, and maybe then I’ll have a browse of any pieces I might want to invest in for the upcoming season.


Scrawling through fashion week coverage and saving everything I loved used to be my favourite thing to do. As a once-upon-a-time fashion student, I was pretty obsessed with all things trends. Now, it has very much become a guilty pleasure of mine that. Fashion harbours a love-hate relationship for me in nowadays. I truly love it, I studied it, I’ve blogged about it for the best part of a decade, I work in clothing, but I realise that it is incredibly problematic for our poor planet in the promotion of new seasonal wardrobes and mass consumerism. My stance nowadays is to avoid the fad trends that I would once have lapped up, and focus on trends that have longevity, and are styles that I genuinely love and can fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. That way I can dress in my own style with a hint of still being on trend.


So I’ve taken a trip down memory lane and scrawled through Vogue the upcoming trends for SS22, to see what caught my eye. I’ve pulled together a list of the Spring/Summer trends that I am totally here for and completely fit into my persona; style and long-term wardrobe. There are a lot of other fun trends that pull on my heartstrings as something I might once have gone for, but these are the ones I know I can confidently invest in and know they aren’t going to fade into the back of my wardrobe anytime soon.


Mini Skirts

Short skirts are back with a vengeance baby! Midi skirts have really stolen the lime light over the past few years, and trust me, I have given the whole floaty midi skirt/ dress thing a go, and it’s just not really me. I’ve always loved a short skirt. I don’t wear them much, as it takes quite a lot to surgically remove my jeans from my legs, but I have a real soft spot for a 70’s style high waisted mini skirt. A timeless stylish piece that I can always rely on to make me feel like the best version of myself.


Baggy Jeans

Thank the lord that skinny jeans have faded into the abyss and the key to denim success is back to comfort. I’ve been a mom jean stan for a few years now, and last year I really broke back into the baggier jeans, which felt bizarre at first, as I felt like the 12 year old version of me, but the more I persevered I really got used to it and am a full convert these days. It helps to see the likes of Hailey Bieber rocking them as a wardrobe staple, I want to invest in some Levis this year, which I think I’ll go for a straight leg, not too baggy but definitely roomier than my old mom jeans.


Biker jackets

The biker theme surpasses just jackets for SS22, but for me, a biker jacket is a way to get into this trend in a timeless way. My leather biker jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for years, and probably always will be.



Stripes for spring, revolutionary. Right? Stripes were everywhere on the SS22 catwalks, which is great news for my wardrobe as they are such a classic that I wear all year round. I’m on the hunt for some good quality long sleeved stripe t-shirts, I think they look so great with a good pair of jeans in spring. I’m also tempted by a black and white collared knit as a transitional layer to carry me into the warmer months. This is a failsafe trend that truly never disappears, so definitely one to invest in if you love the French girl vibe. And who doesn’t aim to nail the French girl chic look?



Tailoring has been huge for a couple of years now, and has been definitely become the cool girl dress code. It’s a trend I love and I’ve invested in a few blazers for my collection that I LOVE. However if I’m honest, I haven’t quite cracked fitting them into my day to day style, so that will be my mission this season, as well as investing in the perfect trousers too. If anyone has any recommendation for great quality suit style trousers that can be dressed up or down seamlessly, please let me know!


I can’t lie, Autumn is always my favourite time of year for trends and styling, but I’m actually really excited for Spring this year too! It must be down to the awful weather and sheer desperation to embrace the sunshine in the UK… What trends are you looking forward to embracing this Spring? I think all of these will fit into my wardrobe but tailoring is definitely my focus to get more into, oh to find the perfect pair of tailored trousers!


K x