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I’ve taken a lonnnnnnng time off from this space. Man have I missed it! I fell completely out of the blogging loop when I started my placement year back in the summer- and I fell hard. I thought that I’d easily be able to manage the two together (working full time and blogging), and really I know I could… but I figured I’d probably only be half heartedly doing so. And I’d definitely have zero social life.

Recently though, I’ve realised how much I actually need my blog in my life. I’m a creative person, and since I can remember I’ve always had some kind of art in my life, every single day. From being a kid and painting with potato prints, all the way through school where I did art or textiles every week. Then I went on and took DOUBLE art A-levels, so spent about 4 hours of my school day- every day- doing art and photography- plus more time at home. I then chose fashion at university and started my blog, so this little creativity monster inside of me has always been kept busy… until now. And I’ll tell you know, sitting in an office day after day, with no time for any of the above has genuinely had an effect on how I’ve been feeling over the past couple of months. So it’s going to have to change.

I’m going to be making a few subtle changes first, so it may still be a few weeks before much else  goes up on here. But it’s all about quality not quantity right? I feel like too many bloggers nowadays are too obsessed with having to get a new post up every day, what’s the rush? I’m definitely not going to get caught up in posting every day, ‘m just going to focus on my content from now on. and hopefully you guys will all appreciate it.

I’m buzzing to get this back on the road again.

K x

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