Setting the Tone for 2019

chunky cardigan madeinthe1990s

chunky cardigan madeinthe1990s

I’ve read a lot of posts in the past week about New Year goals, reasons to NOT set any goals, and posts listing good old resolutions. It’s all quite motivating, in a way, and I do like the whole fresh start thing. But for me it takes a bit of work and planning, mentally, to de-haze my mind after the December lull. And honestly, as I’m writing this, my mind is still a bit foggy, and as a self-confessed organisation-freak, I’m quite unsettled. SO I thought writing this would help get my brain (and arse) into gear and set me on some kind of track for the year.

Now, I haven’t set any resolutions, as I have never really gotten on all too well with that in the past. However I do want to jot down a few things that I want to focus my energy on this year and work towards. Almost like a mood board to refer back to if I start to find my mind fogging over again.

chunky cardigan madeinthe1990s

First up, Self Care.

The buzz word of the later half of 2018 I reckon. And as we all now know, self care is not popping on a face mask and having a bath. Well, it might include that, but it’s really something much more. Self care is giving yourself the space to clear your mind and basically maintain a form of inner happiness and sanity. It’s important to find out what works for you, reading a book, a long walk on your own, singing your heart out to your favourite album of all time, or it may well be the classic soak in a hot bath. For me it’s pretty much a combination of all the above, and ensuring I get some quiet time on my own with no ‘to do’ list.

Secondly, change my Social Media mind set.

I mentioned in my last post about how rubbish comparison is. And the rubbish-ness is all the more heightened by social media, making us all put ourselves down a little more than we used to back in the day. 2019 has to be the year that I take off the rose tinted goggles I wear when viewing everyone else’s lives online, because I know everyone has their own shit going on. They just don’t share it. Maybe I should even share a bit more of my own life, not just the brightened photos of my OOTDs, to avoid fuelling the issue in the bigger picture.

In addition to Self Care, there will be Self Love.

And honest appreciation of yourself, as well as the people you care about most. There is the age old saying that you can’t expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself. And it’s true. We can reach our highest potential when we are confident and kind to ourselves. I think that it’s important to always value yourself, and in that, embrace your high and low points, because they’re all important to who you are, and being able to be genuinely happy in your own skin.

chunky cardigan madeinthe1990s

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chunky cardigan madeinthe1990s

One I’ve been trying to do for a while is live in the moment a bit more.

By this I don’t mean being more yolo. I just simply mean appreciating the situation I am in and the people I am with whenever I feel happy and content. I’m a true Capricorn in the sense that I am always thinking about the future and planning my next step. Or worrying about what time I need to be up in the morning, and everything I need to do before then. So lately I’ve been making sure I consciously put the future, immediate and long term, out of my head when I’m enjoying my evenings and weekends. Whether I’m walking round the shops, or lying on the sofa with Luke watching a murder documentary (standard), I’ll push my worries to one side, take a few deep breaths and appreciate where I am.

Tap into my Creative side again.

Art was always my favourite subject at school. And I took double art at A-Level, so my day to day was predominantly creative throughout my teens. I veered towards business for my degree, but still had a lot of creative fashion projects on to keep me going throughout my time at uni, whilst starting my blog to really keep me satisfied. But now its 2.5years since I graduated, and 2.5 years of being a 9-5er. And not a particularly creative desk job either, which I’ve realised lately is probably a part of the reason why I have been feeling a bit lacking of something. Lacking feeling fulfilled in my career. So I want to start prioritising creativity and making it part of my day, every day. Whether that be writing blog posts, editing blog photos, writing a journal (which I started this year and am finding strangely soothing…), or scrapbooking- which is something I used to do on the regular and LOVE. I’m really excited about reigniting this side of myself which I’ve pretty much neglected, apart from putting together blog posts every week or so. Even that has become rather routine, and needs some help from my creative juices to really up my game on the blog front.

chunky cardigan madeinthe1990s

chunky cardigan madeinthe1990s

I think that’s pretty much it. Whilst there’s no real resolutions, just aspects of life to bear in mind and prioritise, with the aim of achieving an all round happier life day to day. I’m hoping this will be a more successful year on the above points as opposed to the normal resolutions that I’ve given up on by February, at best. Let me know what you guys are focusing on this year, and whether you’ve got any tips to help keep on track for a positive and productive 2019.

I hope your year is going well so far!

K x