September Haul!

Sherpa Collar Coat: H&M

Leather Skirt: Primark

Wooly Oversized Coat: H&M

Sparkle Cami: Primark

Holy Back Jumper: H&M

Striped Leggings: H&M

Black Midi Skirt: Primark

Black and white Cami: Primark

Boots: Topshop

Bag: H&M

Strappy Sandal Heels: New Look

Thick Belt: Primark

Scarf: Primark

Okay so this is my very first haul as I was on a major spending strike all summer whilst I’ve been working on my blog, but then came Autumn/Winter and it’s my favourite season so I just couldn’t resist. As you can see I’ve gotten a tiny obsession with black and white..

I’ve bought all these things in stages through-out September, ad I can’t say I regret any of these purchases, which I normally end up doing!

As you can see it’s mainly from Primark and H&M so I’ve no broke the bank too much, but with my student budget it feels LOADS, as I’m sure a lot of you can understand!

My top three items here are (this is difficult as I love it all…):

1. The boots- I fell in love with these when I saw them in Topshop but thought it’s be pushing the boat out a bit, even though I have been desperate for a similar pair for weeks. So when I saw the price tag I was pleasantly surprised as they were only £45 (+student discount) which I thought was amazing for Topshop boots! They’re SO comfy and go with everything so I know I’m going to be wearing them death!

2. Wooly Oversized Coat– Love Love Love, I’ve been wearing it constantly at uni already and we’re only at the 1st October! God knows how much this’ll get worn through the rest of the winter.

3. Black and White Cami– I don’t think it is done any justice when photographed by itself like this so I’ll try and feature it in an OOTD post sometime so you can all see how it hangs. Even though it’s only from Primark! I love Primark cami’s, after all they are only basic, and they’re a fraction of the price of Topshop’s!

K x