Reflecting on Summer 2020

reflecting on summer 2020

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As I sit here writing this, it is the morning of Sunday 16th August 2020. After a scorching week of heatwaves, it looks like us Brits now have something new to moan about. If I glance outside the weather is grey, windy and wet, and the 7 day forecast is more of the same. I’d be lying If I said I hadn’t  started browsing coats and knitwear online, and looking forward to cosy candle lit nights, it does feel like summer is coming to it’s natural end. Time is going by so bloody quickly this year, and September is just around the corner, welcoming the crispy, orange leaves of Autumn with open arms.


With all of this I’ve started thinking about how it almost feels like the summer that never-was. Most people haven’t been on a summer holiday this year, or travelled further than the British Isles like the usual summer antics might entail. Until little over a month ago there was no pubs or restaurants open to visit for those spontaneous al-fresco dinner plans and casual after-work drinks in the sun. But where we have been stripped our normality and expectations for the season, we have been harshly exposed to the problems in our society, without the distractions of normal life allowing us to play ignorant. Everyone has had their part to play this summer. Whether that be learning, protesting, signing petitions or having difficult conversations with those around us. The penny finally dropped for a lot of privileged people, and we realised that we all need to be actively anti-racist. Of all the mad things 2020 will be remembered for, this is by far the most important.

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Having more time has made me appreciate my surroundings so much more. No commuting, and having hardly any plans, has made me so appreciative of my home surroundings. I’m a home bird and it will always be where I am at my most content. As much as it is amazing to travel and experience new places, and I can’t wait to do that again post-Covid, but for me there is no greater satisfaction that being truly content at home. Appreciating that has come to a new level this summer, as I don’t want to sit around moping about being at home so much and being so limited, I wanted to enjoy and appreciate it, and I really feel like I managed that. It’s a luxury to have a happy home and I have felt truly so grateful for that this summer.



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reflecting on summer 2020

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Working flexibility between the office and home is something that changed for summer too. Going from full time in the office to the dramatic full time at home when lockdown hit, for the past 2 months my time is now being split between the two, and I’m loving it. I love working from home but it is nice to have a change of scenery for a couple of days a week, and have some real life human interaction and catch ups, zoom-free. I know a lot of companies have completely switched their protocol for flexible working post-Covid, which I think is brilliant. Businesses seem to be realising that being in the office 9-5 Monday- Friday is not the only way to get sh*t done. And hopefully this culture shift will relieve the burden and give opportunity to so many more people who need that flexibility in order to fit work in with their home life responsibilities and families.

reflecting on summer 2020


There is some very, very exciting news, perhaps the most memorable of Summer 2020 for my personal life, which I can’t really talk about yet so I am just going to have to leave that one dangling there for another month or two. Exciting things are coming! And on that note I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Let me know in the comments what you stand-out moments of the summer have been. Or maybe you’ve still got plans in the works to make the most of what’s left? If you’ve also been reflecting on Summer 2020 let me know!

K x