Really Living for the Weekend (in a Good Way)

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straw bag living for the weekend

It’s the year 2018, and at the grand old age of 24 I have firmly arrived into my adult years. So much so, that the exciting prospect of the 6 week holiday approaching is a blury, distant memory of mine. That’s not to say I don’t daydream on the reg’ about the concept of having 6 glorious weeks off work (& the rest). I have definitely considered starting a petition for adults to get a 6 week holiday too, why are kids so lucky? Let me know if you’d sign that petition btw. Asking for a friend.

Anyway until the British Government pull through and sort us worker’s out with a solid summer (& winter preferably) break, I’m out here living for the weekend. I know for sure that I’m not alone in that, and it’s really not the end of the world, but sometimes it can feel a bit shit. I know I’ve said this 2 seconds ago, but it’s 2018, and that means there’s no getting away from seeing everyone living their best lives on the ‘gram. So when you’re in the office all day in the middle of a heatwave, double checking why you’ve only got 7 days holiday left for the year, it’s easy to feel deflated. Tom, Dick and Harry are having picnics in the park or flying off to Italy for a quick break, and I’m shivering in an over air conned office. Life can really feel like a bitch.


straw bag

straw bag

‘But you’ve just been to Santorini’ I hear you say. I know, and Paris. And I can promise you that it felt bloody wonderful to escape my routine and spend time in a different part of the globe. It’s so easy to get all cooped up in your town or city, and even just in your job or home life. I know that I do sometimes, and it’s something I’m consciously trying to bin-off. Perspective is a wonderful thing. My world is literally not even a drop in the ocean to what holds this planet together, so having the most fun I can with it is so important.

Unlike Charlie on Love Island, I haven’t been blessed with a £400 million fortune to play with, so keeping my job is kind of essential to keeping myself fed/watered/warm/alive. As well as allowing me to save up for holiday to look forward to all year. I think my life is pretty average in that respect, but socials in general, and influencers in particular, definitely make it challenging to feel good about the average situation. When people are being paid to go away 3 times a month, and in some cases it seems they are never not on a beach. While I don’t want that life for myself, it’s not me at all, I can definitely admit that I’m jealous of the financial opportunity and available time they have to travel and not be tied down to an office schedule. Who isn’t at least a tiny jealous of the influencer lifestyle in all honesty?

Anyway, it’s got me thinking of how I need to continue to make the most of my time, and make sure I feel fulfilled. Having two trips within a month was unheard of for me, and I won’t lie, it felt pretty damn cool. As I’ve said, I really don’t have the funds/time/freedom to keep that up, so I’m back to restricting my fun and games to evenings and weekends. Now as killjoy as that might sound, that is still a pretty big amount of time. There is 168 hours in a week to spend how you wish, except the 40 spent in the office. So here’s how I plan to continue making the most of my 128.

straw bag living for the weekend

1. Make Use of Your Evenings

Especially in the summer, there really is no excuse to not go outside and enjoy the summer nights. Picnics (or cider) in the park, beer gardens, walks, it’s all possible. Then in the winter what is better than a cosy cinema trip and date night? It’s so easy to fall into the habit of getting home from a long day at work and doing nothing. I can’t lie, I love that now and again, and I actually thing we need that now and again. Mentally and physically. But in the same way, both mentally and physically, it sure isn’t good to be doing nothing every evening. Also getting to the gym or a class after work, or spending some solid time on my blog are both great ways to make something productive of an evening. Long may it continue.

2. Banish the Lie In

I’m a naturally a Saturday and Sunday morning slob. As much as I hate to admit it. I tell myself that I like to make the most of not having to get up and get to work, by sleeping until I naturally wake up. I’ll then dragging myself to the sofa where I will lie and watch youtube videos until I notice midday creeping up on me, at which point I will slowly pull myself through the motions of getting ready. Before you know it half of my weekend has been lost to my bed/ morning laziness. BUT NO MORE. The sunny weather has been a real helping hand in getting me up by 8am, enjoying a morning coffee with a book on the balcony (the dream). Even when the sun is gone it’s time to stop wasting the weekend and make the most of the time. It makes the weekend seem longer too, which is the goal!

3. Be Spontaneous

Lately I’ve had so much going on, plans, upon plans, upon more plans. And as much as I love filling my time, a great part of the weekend is freedom that I’ve already mentioned missing in the week at work. So when there’s no freedom at weekends either, for me I start to feel on edge. Sometimes I find the best weekends are the once with zero plans, where you have two whole days of nothing ahead go you, to fill with whatever you might feel like doing when the day arrives. Last minute plans, making the most of the weather, maybe a festival or parade you didn’t know about, can add up to a bloody wonderful weekend. Sometimes over planning can kill the vibe, and that’s been a hard lesson to learn, being a bit of a control-freak myself.

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straw bag living for the weekend

I’m writing this on a Friday evening, where I have had no plans but to relax and write this post (whilst watching Love Island and cooking halloumi based tea), and it’s been wonderful. And tomorrow I’ll be, hopefully, rising fairly early and wandering into town to run some errands and likely some window shopping. Unfortunately I’m on a strict spending-ban post-holiday to let my bank balance catch up with me, which is really no fun, but has to be done. Oh the joys of adulting.

Have a lovely weekend all.


K x