Preparing for Autumn

warehouse jumpsuit Wishlist

Red Striped Jumpsuit, Green Jumpsuit, Denim Jumpsuit, Nautical Striped Jumpsuit

Summer is drawing to quite an abrupt close, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seriously confused by the weather lately. I wake up in the mornings and don’t know what I’m supposed to be wearing to get myself through the day. It’s been a bit gloomy lately in Manchester which makes me want to snuggle back up into sweatshirts. But then an hour later I’m sweating glowing… what’s the craic?

I’ve always been a huge fan of layering, which explains why autumn/winter is my favourite season. It’s always the time of year that I always get my inspiration back for clothes after the summertime lull. My go-to look is always trainers, a decent pair of  mom jeans, a t-shirt and a chunky knitted jumper over the top. A classic and adaptable look, but also one that I want to mix up a bit more this year. More colour, although I will always have a place in my heart for classic blue wash denim and basic grey tees. And more variety, I’ve been loving culottes and jumpsuits through the summer like these amazing Warehouse jumpsuits above, and I’m planning on layering them up for winter as well. I can’t forget to mention that I am on a serious hunt for the perfect boiler suit, so feel free to hit me up with any links, I’m seriously loving the 70’s vibes coming through for Autumn.

asos autumn Wishlist

Striped Sweatshirt, Cord A-Line Skirt, Grey Cardigan

Autumn never fails to give me that ‘new year’ feeling. The start of a new season, and traditionally the new school year where you’d have all your fresh new uniform and stationary. I used to LOVE getting all organised for the start of September and having all my new bits and pieces ready for action. I don’t thing I have ever let go of that feeling, so I guess that’s were the autumn style buzz comes from for me. Do you get that too?

So anyway, September is rolling around fassssst now. And last Monday was 20% off on ASOS so naturally, the sensible part of my brain ordered me to have ago old shop, because 1) I haven’t bought anything in ages, and 2) buying with discount is technically saving me money right? On my ‘to find’ list  (everyone needs a ‘to find’ list on ASOS, otherwise you will get lost for hours) was all the lightweight layering clothing so I can be snuggly, but can also strip off to the bare minimum (enter basic multipack of t-shirts) at any given moment when this country might wish to blow a hot flush in our direction. My saved items quickly became pretty lengthy, so I put a little Wishlist together of some ASOS and Warehouse bits, some of which is the stuff I bought so I’m sure you will see in up coming posts. Other stuff I’ve got major shoppers regret for not buying.

asos aw18 wishlist

Contrast Stitch Shirt, Striped Polo NeckBasic T-shirt, Button Front Top

This is the first time in ages that I’ve put together a wishlist or mood board type of post, and now I remember how much I used to love creating these, you know, back in the day. If you’ve followed my blog for a few years you’ll know I used to put wish lists up every other week, as well as monthly mood boards which were so good at keeping me inspired, and hopefully some of you guys too. I think these will have to make at least a seasonal return as I really enjoyed putting this post together and it’s given me a bit of blogger’s nostalgia to the early days.

K x


This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.
All wishlist images courtesy of ASOS and WAREHOUSE.