OUTFIT | Independence

asos black leather skirt

black and white check scarf

leather skirt and fluffy jumper

black and white checkered scarf

asos leather mini skirt

fluffy textured primark roll neck jumper

knee high boots asos new look

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know it’s the 7th, but still, Happy New Year. I hope you al had a wonderful time over the holidays, and that you’re all staying positive throughout January, however cold, sad and penniless you may feel, it’s really not all that bad!

Anyway, I actually have some pretty big news to share with you since the last time I posted… I am now no longer a 21 year old. * Silence*. Yep, I’m getting well into my twenties now (time is going too damn quickly!), and I officially turned 22 on Sunday. Turning 22 made me realise how much more independence I want gain in 2016. I mean, I drive my own car, and I live away from home in Manchester at Uni, so I am fairly independent in a sense already. But this year I really want to accomplish the feeling of not needing anyone else’s support to get by comfortably in life. No more dreaded student loans, struggling to buy food, and other people having to pay for you at fancy meals out, you know?

Don’t get me wrong, having support is a truly amazing feeling, and I greatly appreciate all the support I receive, BUT, I think it would be an even better feeling to have that support, but not physically needing it. I’m rambling, but I hope you get what I mean. Basically, I will finally be graduating from university this year, and hopefully that will be followed with me getting a full time job and finally getting my own place (that isn’t a student house), and I cannot explain to you how excited that prospect makes me.

So this year, I’m 22, I’m graduating, and I’m aiming for independence. What are you aiming for this year?

K x