OUTFIT | The boots are back

white denim skirt

white denim skirt and basic t-shirt

white denim skirt and leather

tiptop leather jackettiptop leather jacket

chelsea boots and white denim skirt

basic grey zara t-shirt

white denim skirt and leather jacket

basic t shirt and leather jacket

white skirt and black leather jacketIt’s a monochrome colour palette on today’s outfit isn’t it? Who’d have guessed?! I’ve bought a couple of these basic v neck tee’s from Zara lately and I just LOVE wearing them. They are so soft against your skin and they drape on the body so well, and just look effortlessly chic. As I’ve said many times before (sorry if this is boring now), you just can’t beat a good basic.

Keeping along the lines of basics, there’s nothing I’d rather wear on my feet than Chelsea boots. Seriously though, they’re comfy, stylish, black, and go with EVERYTHING. What’s not to love? I’ve had this ASOS pair for a while now (and by while, I mean years), so I feel like it’s probably time to invest in a fresh pair, especially seems as I wear them all the time between September and March (ish). Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I should get them from?

K x