black lace kimono

h&m suede brown runner shorts

black fringed lace kimono

suede brown runner shorts

misguided black mesh crop top

misguided black crop top and suede shorts

topshop birkenstocksFor those of you that follow me on twitter/instagram you’ll know that last week I jetted off to Egypt with my boyf for a week of pure bliss, and of course I’ve got plenty of pics to share with you all now that I’ve returned! The first of which is this outfit above which I loooooove, do you? Of course it would have been made 10x better if I had the abs of a beach body goddess, but unfortunately I do not, but hey-ho, I love it all the same.

These suede shorts from H&M are the softest, comfiest, most gorgeous things that I have ever worn. Seriously. By far my best buy for my holidays this year.

There’s plenty more where this came from so stay tuned!

K x