mom jeans birkentocks and crop top

strappy ribbed crop top tiptop

blue mom jeans missguided

bomber jacket scrappy top and mom jeans

mom jeans and strappy crop top

light wash mom jeans

ribbed crop top

topshop green strappy ribbed crop top

pastel strappy crop top and ray ban

You might have noticed a strong theme developing on my blog. Basics. I’ve just fallen in love with them. Especially with all of the warm weather we’ve had in the UK recently. I’ve pretty much stopped buying/wearing anything that isn’t basic or striped. It hasn’t been a conscious decision, I’ve just noticed it developing slowly. I think this is a good movement right? As theres nothing I obsess over more on instagram and in the big ol’ bloggy world than girls with effortless style. So naturally, when I saw this ribbed strappy crop top in Topshop for £6- yes, £6– I had to grab one. Though choosing out of all the colours they had took a while, long enough for my boyfriend to step in and chose the colour for me. And he did good right?! I absolutely love this pale green shade, it’s so fresh and summery and yet is different to the colour of anything I own already- Loving it!

I teamed the crop top with my old Missguided Mom jeans, which if I’m honest have become very redundant since I got these beauties which I wear constantly! So it was nice to have a lil’ change and wear these again. On my lips is Macs DIVA which I love against my high ponytail and Clubmasters.

What styles are you falling into in this heat?

K x