OUTFIT | Lace Up Lovin

michael kors selma bag tan

misguided white lace up top

mite ribbed lace up top missguided

brown suede skirt

new look brown suede skirt

I’m sitting at home writing this in a bit of a fluster, after just getting caught in a full-on flash flood on the way back from the gym. No exaggeration, seriously, what is this weather?! Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day to the point where I was uncomfortably hot in this long-sleved Missguided body, but hey-ho, the weather doesn’t always agree to out outfits does it. Especially not in blooming’ England!

Luke and I took a trip to the Swindon designer outlet to do a bit of shopping, more on that coming up in a separate post very soon, but for today I’m sharing my OOTD with you, because this is a fashion blog after all! If you caught my post a couple of weeks back where I was drooling over everything and anything lace-up, you’ll know that I’ve had my eye on this white bodysuit for a while, and yay it’s finally mine!

I won’t ramble too much but I absolutely loved this outfit, I feel like it epitomises my two favourite trends from this summer, suede and lace-up. And no doubt I’ll be carrying these pieces through to Autumn with me too!

I’ve got an exciting week ahead for Made In The 1990’s so make sure you stay tuned!

Happy Sunday Chika’s!


K x