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black duster coat

michael hors black duster coat tan fedora hat wool

Some of you may know from a fairly recent post of mine that I’m not really one for wearing hats. Mainly due to the sheer fear that lies deep down in my belly, that at any moment, it will get swept away in the wind, and before I know it, I will become that crazy lady chasing after my hat in the street. However. There has been movement.. and the tables have turned. I’ve actually managed to find myself a hat that is stable on my head, and that I can walk around in sassily without a care in the world (pretty much). Exciting stuff right?! So I felt that this was definitely a moment that needed sharing with you guys.

PS. this incredible find is from H&M if you were wondering (it’s not online for me to link you to though, sorry!). I’m thinking the black version is definitely on my ‘to-buy’ list for winter.

PPS. please don’t shout at me for mentioning winter shopping already please, I can’t help myself.

K x