Christmas Comes Early! & OOTD

 Christmas came early in the form of “uni christmas” yesterday in our uni house, and it was fabulous.

We went out bought a mound of food between us and cooked up one hell of a tasty christmas dinner. Definitely a good shout right? Chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, stuffing, pigs in blankets (YES!), yorkshire puddings, brusell sprouts (i cant say i had any of those!) and gravy, followed by a Yule Log, and obviously accompanied by some Cava and Bucks Fizz. So so beautiful in comparison to normal student food!

We watched the Grinch before cooking to get into the christmas spirit, which is one of my favourite christmas films EVER, so now I’m definitely felling very festive indeed. My housemate’s christmas playlist then got blasted through the house as we prepared the feast and got ready for dinner. Then obviously we all stuffed our faces with copious amounts of food and put ourselves into pretty decent food comas for the rest of the evening.

Michael McIntyre’s ‘Showtime’ then made an appearance in our living room, which, hopefully, made us burn off a few of those calories which we’d just gorged on- due to all of us crying with laughter for a solid hour and a half. After watching Kian get crowned King of the jungle (woohoo!), the feast caught up with us all then and we all drifted upstairs to bed one by one- and that was our house christmas.

I thought I’d post something a bit different for you all today, as I never really post anything too lifestyle do I? I hope you liked it and hopefully you’re all getting festive too!

K x