September Camera Roll

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How are we creeping up to mid-October already? September started off beautifully with a trip to Bournemouth for the air show, and as you can see, Winnie loved her first time at the beach! We then had to dial things down as we got her spayed so her recovery took up the best part of two weeks. I must admit I was a bit of a mess when she was in the vets, even though it’s such a routine procedure I felt so guilty and awful knowing she was in pain. But alas! Recovery is complete and she is totally back to her normal self now! On another note, September also meant our first experience of live music again since, well, I don’t even know! We went to watch Dermot Kennedy at Castlefield Bowl, which was great as it was a lovely evening and all outside. Dermot was amazing and it was such a lovely evening experiencing live music again. Have you been to any gigs yet?


K x