Fashion Week is still captivating us and we’ve now been graced with our very own Victoria Beckham’s SS14 lines! Yep, plural. She revealed her main Victoria Beckham line (above), made up of the obvious monochrome outfits that we are seeing all over the shot, which we were all expecting. Followed by a Sub-Line; Victoria by Victoria Beckham. I’ve made a collage of what I think are the key styles from this range below, and I love it!

The summery colours to contrast against the harsh monochrome main-line. It’s very 60’s inspired, with the clashing textures and prints, and straight shape dresses, combined with the 20’s style low waist band and pleated skirts, VB really pulled out all the stops on this line to make it stand out from the rest of the high fashion lines for SS14. However much I love the Victoria sub-line, I still adore the monochrome quilted bomber jackets and wrap over skirts that her main line holds, and I’ll definitely be adopting these styles in the coming weeks, who wants to wait for summer?!

My praises go out to her, she has to be wonder-woman, I mean if I had David Beckham at home I definitely wouldn’t have the time to pull together not just one, but TWO amazing S/S lines. AND she’s got 4 kids. Like I said, wonder-woman.

Anyway, which line do you think triumphed for Victoria?

K x