NYE: get ready with me

Before I start, I just want to say this post is just showing you all the product’s that I’ll be using to get ready tonight for NYE!

First of all I’m going to exfoliate my skin with this sanctuary body scrub from boots, which is amazing! Now I’m not normally one for having loads of bath and shower products, normally a nice shower gel and face wash will do, but this is just gorgeous! The smell is incredible and it feels so soft on the skin compared to some harsh exfoliants. My skin feels absolutely amazing afterwards, I would 100% recommend this product.

Now you’ve probably noticed that my skin tone is just about the fairest of fair, so I do need a boost now and again for nights out. I really don’t like it when people wear too much false tan, too much of the time. So I literally barely ever touch it, and when I do it’s just to give me a bit more of a glow, and counteract the white glow that I usually have haha. I got this St. Tropez set for christmas so this is my first time using it, if you cant fake tan on NYE, when can you? I’ve used St. Tropez in the past but don’t normally buy it purely because of the price tag, so I was rather happy to open this! The set has an exfoliating body polish, a tanning mousse, and a moisturiser to prolong the tan.

 Before christmas I treated myself to these soap and glory products as they were 3 for 2 in boots, it’d be rude not too! I love soap and glory but I have to say I probably wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t for the cool packaging of the range. I’ve been sucked into their marketing! Despite that, the products are undoubtedly lovely. The ULTIMELT facial cleanser leaves the skin feeling SO fresh and soft, genuinely like you’ve had a mini-facial. Then I opted for the FAB PORE moisturiser which is for oily/combination skin like mine, and feels gorgeous on the face, and feels almost like a soothing primer. The PUFFY EYE ATTACK gel is also a great product, but probably my least favourite of the 3, but definitely hydrates and brightens the under-eye area, which is a necessity for NYE!

 I don’t know where I’d be without Argan oil. I seriously don’t. It’s definitely one of my favourite discoveries of 2013. One pump tan through the ends of damp hair before blow drying makes the world of difference. It smells incredible and makes hair look and feel so much softer and healthier. Then we’ll move onto my make up, which isn’t in any order! I’ll be using my Helen-e sparkly ice white pigment in the corner of my eyes, and on my brow bone as a highlighter- It’s a bit of a dupe for MAC’s vanilla pigment which I think I’ll be investing in when this runs out.

Then it’s Loreal’s volume million lashes which is one of my favourite mascaras, I only use it on the top lashes, and not too much, though this mascara is great and doesn’t go clumpy from my experience- which is one thing I hate when you’re getting ready for a night out!

I got theses real technique’s brushes for christmas and now i completely get the hype over them, especially the expert face brush, it’s amazing! I’ll be using that to apply my revlon colour stay foundation, which is probably the best drugstore foundation I’ve found, and it’s great for medium- high coverage and it genuinely stays on the face without budging all day (or night!).

I replaced my trusty old liquid eyeliner that seems to have lasted years lately, with this SUPERCAT eyeliner from soap and glory, It’s a really strong black and really easy to apply, so I’ll be applying a bit of a cat eye on my lid for tonight. One product that I never alter in my make-up bag is the Rimmel stay matte powder, which will be setting my makeup tonight for sure! (as always)

I think MAC is so overhyped in some areas, but the products I do think are worth it are the blushers and lipsticks, along with the concealers, which I’ve only got recently- but it’s brill. I’ll be using my Eco-tools, blusher brush and new FLEUR POWER blusher, along with the SELECT COVER-UP  concealer, which I use in the shade NC20, and is really good at diminishing dark circles and blemishes. My favourite MAC lipstick at the moment is PLUMFUL and so I’ll be celebrating the last night of 2013 wearing that on my lips.

I realllllly wanted the NAKED 3 palette from Urban Decay for christmas BUT i got this one from AVON instead, and I must say, it really is pretty good. Theres so many colours to mix up the smokey eye with, so who knows which ones I’ll opt for tonight. Theres also some really good contour colours in the slide out draw underneath the eye palette, as well as a few lip pigments. This palette is amazing value for money as I think it was only £10 on offer when my mum bought it for me at christmas!

 Nails is always such a hard decision for me to make as I can never decide on the colour.. BUT I think I’m going to try out this new Ted Baker PEARLY PINK illuminator nail polish that I got for christmas, to add a bit of subtle sparkle to the ocassion.

 And last but certainly not least, we come to my favourite fragrance of them all- PRADA CANDY. This is just such a lovely sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet, fragrance. I ran out a of mine a while back but my boyfriend came to the rescue at christmas with this as one of my presents so I will definiteley be wearing this tonight!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the goodies I’ll be using today, and that you all have fun getting ready yourselves! I’ll be posting my NYE look tomorrow as truthfully I’m still waiting for the clothes I ordered to arrive!  Happy New Year!

K x