The Art of Not Caring what People think & the Importance of Being Kind


Opinions are like arseholes- everyone’s got one. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but need to have respect for other people and the fact theirs will be different too. So many people, many high profile people included, are too scared to share their opinions online out of fear of backlash. But what is backlash? A clashing opinion to your own? Everyone’s different, and learning to agree to disagree is a vital part of living in peace. So let’s get on with learning how we can go about our lives not caring what people think.

The best thing you can be in this world is yourself, and it’s your most powerful tool, as no one else can do that. I know, you’ve probably seen many inspirational instagram posts saying just that. But is actually a really an important cliché to remember.

Unfortunately we now live in such an exposed online world where so many people are happy to hide behind their keyboards and shower people with abuse. People they know, and people they don’t. The news of Caroline Flack’s death hit me hard, as it did with so many other people. Suicide is a tragedy close to my heart and I really feel for her loved ones that she has left behind and the endless pain and unanswered questions they will hold in them for the rest of their lives. But further than that, the fact that a young woman with so much success and potential can be driven to such a dark place by the media and people she didn’t know, is just harrowingly sad. Even more so as it was so preventable, and a result of utter nastiness from people that didn’t even know her. 



Sadly we can’t force people to change their toxic ways online, all we can do is encourage. But what we can do is learn to not care what people think of us. That way we are actually free to embrace our true selves and not get bogged down with worry and sadness when negative opinions come our way.

Easier said than done. As humans we always cling on to the negatives and glide over the positives. Everyone always says if you receive 9 positive comments and 1 negative one, that 1 comment is the one that will niggle at your brain and keep coming back to you. Happy thoughts are rarely ones that keep you awake at night, it’s that one negative comment that will.


interior photograph not caring what people think


There are 3 simple notions that we can revert back to in order to not care what people think of us and help free us of the stress and burden that caring brings with it:

  1. Everyone is different, and that’s a good thing.
  2. It’s okay to agree to disagree, it basically reinforces point 1.
  3. Be yourself, and respect yourself.

I think if we all bear those three things in mind, then we will all be one step closer to not being affected by online negativity, and offline too. Hopefully, things will change, people will change, and negativity will not always be such an issue for people, particularly those in the public eye, as we cannot let this terrible turn of events that occurred towards the end of Caroline’s life be a regular occurrence.


#BeKind #BeYou


K x