A new year, welcome to 2023

Clear day for new year


Happy New Year! Aside from the standard ‘how on earth is it 2023’ chat (which absolutely still stands- HOW?), I actually have something big to introduce to you today… Welcome to the Made In The 1990s- the refresh! I have been relatively absent from this space for a while now, and with that I genuinely miss blogging so much, so with that in mind, I’ve been beavering away in the background for the latter part of 2022 to revive this blog ready for 2023- What better day for a relaunch than January 1st? Plus, Made In The 1990s turns 10 this year, 10! And for that, I think she deserves some new energy, right? So, let’s do this!

From today, Made In The 1990s is going to be an online space with regular content primarily focused on anything and everything that might interest you as a young millennial/older Gen Z woman, A.K.A those born in and around the 90’s, and obviously anyone else who cares about that stuff is welcome around here too! There will be posts every week about everything from fashion and style, to books and culture, to more personal and deeper topics such as mental health. Anything goes on Made In The 1990s. If it is an interest to our generation, I’m happy to chime in and write about it, and I sincerely hope you enjoy popping round for a read each week! 

There will be still be the occasional personal piece thrown in there, as ultimately this blog started as an online diary back in 2013, so will continue with that underlying theme running at it’s core. Also, it’s kind of my version of therapy too, so let’s not lose that!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and had a chance to take some time off with their loved ones over the past few weeks to appreciate one another and celebrate the past year. Here’s to 2023!


K x