My Week in Tumblr

 I’ve recently re-discovered the Tumblr world, and I’m so happy that I have! I never realised how much of a useful and inspiring tool it is to stumble across and collate all the images that you love onto one page, and so from now on I’m using it as my online mood board, and will be posting a weekly tumblr post on here to show you guys what I’ve found!

I’m finiding using Tumblr is such a great way to channel and keep a note of my creative style rather than the traditional cut and stick with sketchbooks and magazines that I used to fall back on. It’s cheaper too! I don’t know about you, but I find it’s SO expensive to keep up to date with fashion magazines (on a student budget especially), and what’s the need for it when you can find all those amazing images online, and more!

My blogroll of favourite Tumblr-ers (?) is still expanding as it’s quite limited at the minute, but I’m so excited to find more! If you any of you guys know of any great Tumblr accounts that I should be following then please let me know in the comments below! Hey look at that I could have been a poet and I didn’t know it.

I wish I could have a constant flowing stream of all these images across my bedroom wall so I could just stare at them all the time, but unless my wall was a giant iPad (maybe one day) that isn’t possible, so my laptop screen will have to do.

K x