My Top 5 Pieces of Affordable Quality Knitwear

&Otherstories black jumper quality knitwear


I mentioned in my coat collection post recently that coats and jackets are my favourite part of winter, but honestly it’s a very close call between that and my knitwear. It has to be said that as soon as the calendar flicks over to October, you’ll catch me in not much other than a jumper and jeans 95% of the time. I find knitwear so interesting in general and am a bit of a magpie for it I must say. Although, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve consciously cut back on buying over the past few years and have instead focussed on trying to invest in good quality staples where needed instead. So, for a piece of knitwear to come home with me these days, it has to be really great quality, a cosy fit, from a brand that I trust, and aesthetically fit into my wardrobe so I know that I’ll get plenty of wear out of it for years to come. Rather than impulse buying a fast fashion piece that barely makes it through 1 season of washes, as I can hold my hands up and say that I’ve definitely fallen into that trap in the past- many a time!


This post is showcasing my top rotation of jumpers that I find myself wearing constantly through these colder months, and the ones that are, in my opinion, some of the best quality affordable knitwear out there. I was hesitant to describe these as affordable, as affordability is a very subjective term and varies wildly base on the audience, but in this instance I’m using it in the context of being mostly higher end high street price tags, so for my budget these are definitely mostly investment pieces, that I would expect to last the test of time, compared to cheaper alternatives that I might have opted for a handful of years ago.



&Otherstories black jumper quality knitwear&Otherstories black jumper quality knitwear



&OtherStories Black Polo Neck Sweater (Similar Here)

First up is a tried and tested staple in my wardrobe, as I’ve had this beauty for about 3 years now, which can be a long time in the world of knits! I struggle to describe the texture of this knit in any other way than as having a stretch bouclé type feel, which is definitely unique to my wardrobe but is hands-down the comfiest out of all of my jumpers. I definitely want to invest in another colour way of this next winter, as although it was a little pricey, my cost per wear must be minimal!




&Otherstories green wool jumper&otherstoreies green alpaca knit



&OtherStories Green Alpaca Wool Longline Knit (Similar Here)

Another one from &OtherStories and then I’m done, I promise. This is another beauty that I have had for a good few years now, and is probably the warmest out of all of my knitwear. It is alpaca wool which could be the reason for that, but I can’t lie, as much as I love this one, it is VERY itchy, so I always need a t-shirt, ideally long sleeved, underneath to get me through the day. So bearing that in mind this is definitely one that I save for the coldest corners of winter rather than reaching for it all season. Nevertheless, it’s great piece to have that I love so much and feels so luxurious, like you’re getting a constant giant hug when this is on your back whilst also feeling smart and put together.




Market black wool scoop back jumper quality knitwearMarket black wool scoop back jumper quality knitwear



Arket Black Wool Scooped Back Jumper (Similar Here)

I have been lusting over Arket knitwear for such a long time, watching it get styled so effortlessly by the Queen that is Lizzy Hadfield, so this Autumn I just had to invest. I hope I’ll be able to get a few more pieces over the next few years to add to my wardrobe because honestly, the quality and simplicity of their pieces is just timeless. This is definitely the highest quality jumper I own, so although it may not look much in these pictures (not much to be done with pictures of a black jumper so it seems), just know that it feels incredible against the skin. So buttery soft and cosy that it genuinely made me want to throw the rest of my jumpers away once I wore this for the first time- not being dramatic or anything there….




weekday green cropped recycled wool jumper quality knitwearweekday green cropped recycled wool jumper quality knitwear



Weekday Green Recycled Cropped Jumper (Here)

Can you tell I’m a sucker for anything green? It’s definitely one of the main colours in my otherwise pretty neutral wardrobe, and I’m totally OK with that. I got this jumper for Christmas a I love how it’s lovely chunky knit, but also just the right amount of crop to match the waist of my jeans so I don’t get all the extra bunched up fabric if I want to tuck the front in. Equally it’t not so cropped that my belly is on show when it really  doesn’t want to be. I really rate Weekday and this jumper has definitely aided my opinion further, I love it!




Uniqlo merino wool turtle neck jumperUniqlo merino wool turtle neck



Uniqlo Extra Fine Merino Wool Turtle Neck (Here- on Sale)

I’ve got this in a few colours and have been wearing them for years. They are such a great basic and look effortlessly put together while also feeling really lovely too. They are great thermal layers but are also not too hot if you wear them on their own. I find they look great under sweatshirts or shirts in the winter, or just alone like I’ve styled here. They have a lovely fine rib which makes them really comfortable and wash really well too!



S0 there we have my top 5 affordable quality pieces of knitwear, although I could definitely have done a top 10, so maybe I’ll do a part 2 to this post when we get to Autumn again this year. Let me know if you have any suggestions I should know about for some great price-point quality pieces. Which is your favourite out of these??



K x