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good podcasts you need to listen to

Podcasts are by no means new on the scene. I actually remember listening religiously to The Chris Moyles Show Podcast on my trust old iPod back in his Radio One days. But beyond catching up on radio show best bits, I never really gave much of a thought to good old podcasts and the art of audio until 2017 when I started dabbling again. But 2018 seems to have really been the year that they’ve really gathered a lot of traction, and have frankly taken over my life. Luke is so sick and tired of me starting every other sentence with “I listed to this podcast today where..”, so I basically need somewhere else to vent and share my enthusiasm. And so this post was born….

I thought it would be nice to share my top 5 podcasts of the moment, as I love reading other people’s recommendations, and would love for someone to stumble across this post and find a podcast they love as a result. I honestly found it really, really hard to decide on my top 5, there could easily have been 10-15 faves on this list, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a follow up post later on in the year.

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The Receipts

Audrey, Millena and Tolly. A straight talking trio of young girls from London. A simple concept that  works as genius. I listen to podcasts at my desk at work and often have to turn this off as it literally has me crying laughing. They chat about general life, society, and generational things for millennials, so it can also be pretty nostalgic listening to chats about their experiences growing up. The bi-weekly ‘Your Receipts’ see’s the girls answering dilemmas sent in from listeners with their brutally honest advice, and quite often, some much needed compassion. This podcast is huge and the girls are seeing huge success from it, and deservedly so. It’s truly a feel good listen that makes you feel like you’re just hanging out with (pretty hilarious) girl friends. I look forward to the new episode every Wednesday and hit play as soon as it comes out.

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Those Conspiracy Guys

Now this is a big one. Literally. Some of the episodes cover 4-5 hours, so If you’ve got an afternoon of work to get through, or a long journey and want something meaty to listen to, then this is your podcast. They’ve covered huge topics from the Titanic, to The death of Princess Diana, and even the Twin Towers. So if you find these huge events fascinating and always want to know more than what just what you are shown on the news, then this is definitely one for you. I will say it’s a bit niche and sometimes slow to get started, but once the guys get going on the topic, you won’t be able to stop listening.

good podcasts you need to listen to

How I Built This

I find it fascinating to hear from the people behind the mega companies we all know. We think of huge brands like Virgin, Dyson, Air BnB and Instagram, and it’s hard to imagine that they were once just an idea in a normal person’s head. The is a brilliant podcast which allows you to listen to Guy Raz (the host) interview some of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs and hear about how these mega-companies began, and all the bumps in the roads they hit along the way. It’s super interesting if you enjoy business related chat, give it a go.

Happy Place

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one as it’s hosted by the lovely Fearne Cotton. I really rate Fearne, and think she’s a really unique woman who’s true to herself, and seems to have such a kind vibe around her. I find her podcast really insightful and positive, but also sheds light on the struggles that we all go through, including Fearne, and it simply makes me feel less alone. Fearne has a guest on each week, the caliber of guest so far has been stellar, with the likes of Russell Brand, Dawn French, Gok Wan, Zoe Sugg, I could go on. The conversations are so honest and insightful and I always come away from listening to this feeling better about my day and take something positive away.

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Keeping it Candid

This one is by Sophie Milner ( and Millie Cotton (@millie_cotton), discussing all things pop-culture. It’s brilliantly honest and open and have been known to discuss some really deep topics and have both opened up so bravely on a lot of important issues. I had followed Sophie and Millie on social media for a while so was thrilled back in 2017 when this podcast began, and I still look forward to each new episode. They also have some great guests on, usually from the blogging community, which have included the likes of the wonderful mega-babes Sammi Maria and Chloe Plumstead. So if you love anything online/ pop-culture related, particularly as a millennial female, I think you’ll enjoy and relate to this one.

good podcasts you need to listen to

I hope you found something from this list that you like, as I love nothing more than finding a great listen. My newest discovery is Jessie Ware’s Table Manners Podcast which I’m listening to as I write this, and I am LOVING it so far. And there are a tonne of others as I said at the start, so I will probably do a follow up post at some point and gush about some more podcasts. They just seem to be getting more and more popular so I can imaging my subscription box getting fuller and fuller, which is totally fine by me.

K x