Mr.Nutcase Custom iPhone Case Review

custom iphone case

I have a massive bit of an issue when it comes to phone cases, to the point where I have a bit of an addiction to buying them. So when Mr.Nutcase contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a custom iPhone case from their site, of course, I said YES.

personalised iphone case

I kind of expected to just be able to upload whatever image I wanted to the site, and they’d slap it across the back of a phone case for me. But no no no, I was pleasantly surprised. They offer so many different cool varieties, of which I opted for this little heart shaped photo collage. From far away it just looks like a heart, so I thought it’s a little more personal, as you really have to take a minute to look at it to see it’s made up of all different pictures from my life. Is that more, or less cringe-worthy than one big image? I think less but you can make your own call on that! I chose white, but they offer a huge variety of colours for those that want it nice and bright, as well as flip cases too- for a bit of extra protection.

If you’re thinking of getting a custom iPhone case of your own, I would definitely recommend Mr Nutcase, as the images came out way clearer than I expected, and the case is super-thin as opposed to hundreds of some others I’ve had in the past. I also love that it has a clear edges so you can only really see the case from the back.

Feel free to use the code “Thanku10” for 10% at Mr.Nutcase.

custom iphone case

K x