Podcasts to motivate you this new year

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Getting motivated is something most of us want to achieve at the start of a New Year. It’s the perfect time for a fresh start. Whether it’s the time to finally start that hobby you think you’ll enjoy, getting your career into gear, or pushing yourself into a whole new direction that you want your life to go in next year. One thing for sure is that motivation at the start of the year is key, and holding on to that motivation is even more of a challenge. So with that in mind, I thought sharing my favourite motivating podcasts that help me keep motivated and inspired whenever I listen to them.


Feel Better, Live More

Such an interesting podcast where I have learnt SO much. Learning more about my mind and body is something I’ve really indulged my time in over the past few months, and podcasts are definitely my method of choice to do so. There are so many great motivating episodes with tips to get going and feel better in yourself. Some episodes might not be up your streets but if you have a scroll through and find something you’re interested in health wise, definitely give it a listen and  I guarantee Dr Ranjan will teach you something.


Working Hard, Hardly Working

Grace Beverly is one of my icons, even though she is younger than me, hey-ho. She has achieved some incredible things and created insane companies that I could only dream of. And this podcast is a continuation of her inspiration to me. Grace interviews some of the most successful people of our generation, and hearing their stories is fascinating to me. Hearing the ins-and-outs of the success stories on this show is awe inspiring.


Diary of a CEO

Stephen Bartlett’s mega-pod that has really exploded over the past few years, but for very good reason. The interviews on this podcast are unlike any other. Always such interesting and inspiring people, sharing their full stories from childhood through to business success. I find it truly fascinating, as do most of the nation judging by the podcast charts! I’m sure I don’t need to introduce you to this one as it is positively huge. But if for any reason you haven’t tuned in yet, or have dropped off lately, this is your sign to get back on the CEO bandwagon. You won’t regret it.


How I Built This

An oldie but a goodie. Guy Raz has interviewed some of the most legendary entrepreneurs behind some of the worlds biggest companies like Instagram and Air BNB, as well as iconic interviews with Richard Branson and the late Kate Spade. Some of the most enlightening interviews to listen to for anyone who is interested in business.



This is a recent discovery of mine that I am positively obsessed with. Totally different to all of the inspirational business and wellbeing pods I’ve shared so far. This is all. About pop culture and more importantly, celebrity scandal. A 4 part deep dive into the Justin/ Selena/ Haley drama, yep. A 3 part Brad/ Jen/ Angelina saga series, of course, they’ve covered it all. I love plugging into a Scandal series for a few hours to zone out and focus on whatever task is in hand. I can’t wait to see what scandals are coming up next!


That’s my top recommendation for the new year! I hope you like them, be sure to let me know if you give them a listen and do let me know if you have any others that you are loving right now!


K x