Morning skincare routine for hydration this winter

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Winter can be a tricky time for our skin can’t it? The frosty weather makes it harder than ever to achieve anything that comes close to glory, in my opinion, and even more so if you’re blessed with sensitive skin- where my sensitive skin girls at?! Because of that, a simple skincare routine that works (and doesn’t break the bank) is something I’ve been trying to perfect for years. And you know what, I think I’ve pretty much got it down at the moment. I really feel like my skincare routine is refined and is doing exactly what I want it to do, without any extra *faff*. So with that in mind, I thought I should share it! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products too in the comments!


The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

Hyaluronic acid is everywhere these days, and everyone tells us that we should be using it to pack in moisture to the lower layers of our skin rather than just slathering a moisturiser barrier on top. So, I use it. I have tried a few brands over the years and I think that the consistency of the Inkey List one seems to work best for me, and it’s really inexpensive! I pat this all over my face after washing it with warm water first thing in the morning. I tend not to use cleanser in the morning, as I don’t think it’s necessary as my skin is already clean from the night prior, and I find just water does the job just fine in the morning! I usually pat my face almost dry, leaving it just slightly damp before apply this and I find it tends to soak in best that way. I definitely feel like I have more of a ‘glow’ after using this consistently under my moisturiser, I think it really does make a difference.


Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel

I can get fairly pesky dehydration lines around my eyes where the skin is so thin, which is even more exaggerated in the colder months. I have definitely panicked in the past thinking my wrinkles were already here and here to stay! But fear not, I was actually just missing a hydrating eye treatment in my morning routine. I’ve used a few now and I do really like this Olay one. Because it’s a gel it always feels super cold and refreshing on my under eye, which is lovely and feels like it helps to wake me up too. It soaks in fairly quickly and gives a nice smooth base for concealer too which is always ideal!


The Inkey List Peptide Moisturiser

If you are looking for a lightweight, no-nonsense moisturiser for your morning routine that is packed full of peptides to boost collagen production, then this is one for you to try. I want something light and simple to do the trick in the mornings, but I do also want to know that it’s doing something beneficial for me too. I am in my late twenties now, so anything that tells me it will help my skin with collagen production and keep it firm and hydrated will peak my interest for sure. Especially when it doesn’t break the bank! I am desperate to try the Rhode Peptide glazing fluid, but until international shipping comes into play from Mrs Bieber, this will have to do!


La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50+

The final, and most important step of my morning skincare routine. This is a cult beauty product for sure, and for good reason. I’ve used various daily SPF’s over the years and this is easily the best I’ve used. The milky formula is not at all greasy like so many others can be, SPF is such a difficult product to get right! This La Roche-Posay SPF is super lightweight and glides across the skin seamlessly. I find that makeup applies over the top of this brilliantly too. You’ve probably already tried this, but if you haven’t, I would totally recommend!


K x