Finally, the show I’ve been waiting for has happened, Moschino.

On saturday, at Milan Fashion Week, the energy of Franco Moschino was revitalised for a 30th anniversary show. Moschino is one of my favourites of the huge designers out there, and has been ever since my mum gave me her old Moschino shoulder purse-bag from back in the 80’s, and I literally use it almost on a daily basis.

This MFW show from the Moschino fashion house celebrated both the vibrant life, and designs of Franco Moschino, who unfortunately past away at a tender age of just 44, back in 1994. This collection, I feel, did him justice. As you all probably know, I LOVE monochrome, and have a slight obsession with it, so to see such a black and white palette.

The oversized bags, the black caps, the print, the short shorts, the bodices, the LEGS. I just love everything  about this. Black, White, and a splash of gold. Perfect. Thank-you Moschino.

K x