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Topshop Boucle coat Merry ChristmasTopshop Boucle coat Christmas wishesTopshop Boucle coat Christmas wishesTopshop Boucle coat Merry Christmas

Hello! Just a quick post today from me, checking in on my last working day of 2019. Hoorah! God that sounds so weird, where has 2019 gone? As I’ve mentioned a thousand times before, Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and I am currently revelling in the adrenaline of an excitable child at the fact its Christmas Eve. Eeeeek.  I’ve got a big day with family and friends ahead of me tomorrow and I am so excited. My mum is arriving today and is staying with Luke and I for Christmas, which is  pretty big deal as it is the first year that I haven’t been back to my mum’s for the big day. A sign that I am finally a grown up maybe? Who knows, but either way, I’m excited for something a bit different this year. Instead of me battling with our tiny kitchen and barely-there kitchen table, we have decided to go out for Christmas dinner, and luckily quite a few family members joined in on that plan, along with a few friends which will be lovely. So we will all be heading down the canal to our local pub tomorrow for the biggest roast of the year, ready to roll home in a food coma. What Christmas is about hey?!

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Topshop Boucle coat Christmas wishesTopshop Boucle coat Merry Christmas

Whatever your plans are for the big day, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones. And more importantly, if you’re not having the merriest or brightest day, just remember things will get better, they really will. And a shoutout to all those working the Christmas holiday, especially medical staff and carers, sacrificing your own festive period to help others is one of the most admirable jobs imaginable, and I hope that at some point over the next week or so of Crimbo-Limbo, everyone can salvage a bit of time for themselves, to reflect on the year gone by and truly cherish their nearest and dearest. But most importantly for 2019, in the surveillance world of social media, remember to be present. Merry Christmas Everyone, enjoy the last Christmas of this decade… Cheers!


K x